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German oncologist cured cancer

German oncologist Rajk Hamer after the death of his sonDiscovered cancer. After experiencing a double shock, he decided to pull himself together and think like a professional and experienced oncologist. After conducting research and introspection, the doctor came to the conclusion that he had cancer because of the severe stress that the body had endured.

To get to the essence of the disease, the HamerAnalyzed the causes of cancer in other patients. He soon discovered a direct connection between shock (shock), blackouts in various areas of the brain (which was shocked) and the corresponding organ in which cancer later developed.


How to cure cancer

Having spent years of research and having examined more than 40,000 Case histories, The Hamer became the founder of the theory that at the heart of every cancer disease is a certain kind of severe psychological trauma.

The oncologist called this relationship dirk hamerSyndrome (dhs) by the name of his son Dirk, who was tragically shot in 1978. Based on the experience of his patients, the hamer formulated the so-called "iron cancer law".

When the conflict is resolved and the person calms down, the brain begins to correct violations, Tumor growth Stops, and the reversibility of processes in most cases is accompanied by swelling in the area of ​​the tumor, fluid accumulation and pain.

Of course, the pain threshold for each person is individual, but if the patient realizes that these pains are a sign of improvement and refuse to take medication, he uses the chance to improve his health.

The biggest mistake in the therapyThe use of morphine in cancer diseases. According to his theory, even a small dose in the early stages of the disease changes the functioning of the brain, paralyzes the work of the intestine and stops the recovery of the body.

The patient is immersed in Lethargic state And does not understand what deadly effect is being experienced just in the period when he was on his way to recovery.

Computed tomography can show dhs-traumaBrain in the form of spots with concentric circles that can easily be interpreted as metastases in the head, which means, according to the chamera, the doctor can send a person to a completely unnecessary operation or chemotherapy.


Thanks to his technique, the district chamer curedMore than 6 000 patients with the last stage of cancer, not counting themselves and their wives. According to the doctor's views, surrounding carcinogens, chemotherapy and most Removal of tumors Do not cause or treat cancer, but only exacerbate its development.

The medical theory of the world was taken hostile, and the authorities even condemned the doctor, sentencing him to three years in prison. Two years later, under public pressure, he was released.

And do you share the theory of a German doctor? Tell your friends about this story. The tragedy that formed the basis of medical research helped save thousands of lives!