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Needlework for home comfort

"Life is too short to engage in anything other than embroidery!" - says a statement that is familiar to many needlewomen who adore embroidery. Everyone knows that Art of embroidery Has a centuries-old history.

In ancient times, embroidery on clothes and household items had a protective value. In the modern world we use embroidery mainly for decorating, creating beauty, coziness and style formation.

Needlework for home comfort

One of my friends used embroidery in the decor of the apartment, her rooms played with new colors! Products of this kind of needlework perfectly complement any living quarters and improve the atmosphere of the house.

Redaction "so simple!" Prepared for you 25 great ideas Cross stitch for interior decor. Inimitable style!

  1. Unusual and interesting decorated walls of the working corner of the needlewoman.
    Embroidery for interior
  2. The creative approach of the author of this creation is felt.
    Cross-stitch for interior
  3. For lovers of embroidering! Why not decorate the result of their work, for example, a floor lamp?
    Embroidery for interior decoration
  4. To embody this idea, you will need a white wall as a canvas, an enlarged diagram of your favorite cross-stitch embroidery, acrylic colors and a little inspiration!
    Beautiful cross-stitch embroidery
  5. Elements of the maritime style can be added to the interior with an embroidered panel depicting the anchor.
  6. Done with the soul!
  7. Very nice, is not it?
    Cross-stitch patterns
  8. Designer lancelot lancelot designed by embroideryCross a whole collection of furniture, which was called the canevas collection. Padded stools, sofas, pillows, carpets and tapestries - they all got a smart "clothes" with bright ornaments.
    Embroidery in carpet technique

    Canevas collection - these are not covers or coverlets for furniture. This "live" embroidery directly on the canvas, more precisely, on the grid of holes, which covered the surface of furniture and tapestries.

    Tested for years Cross-stitch technique, Which almost all girls learn at school, in this design project received a modern interpretation, "moving" to new surfaces, and thus literally reborn again.

    Embroidery in italian style

  9. Instead of traditional patterns and ornaments seriesCanevas collection is covered with modern embroidery. The crosses resemble pixels, and the pictures that they stack up look like they were made of bricks a-la tetris or lego.
    Embroidery on the jeans

    A series of designer furniture from the lancelot lancelot was first introduced during the Milan Design Week at the salone del mobile exhibition.
    3d embroidery
  10. Instead of embroidering, people have simplifiedProcess, simply by imitating embroidery. Universal imitation is used today quite often due to the desire of the modern world for a quick result, with a minimum of effort.
    Embroidery from ribbons
  11. This idea clearly belongs to a creative, flower-loving, woman.
    Embroidery with an Indian hook
  12. An interesting option for a children's room.
    Embroidery and needlework
  13. This is what the decor process itself looks like.
    Yolli embroidery
  14. Look how beautifully look flowers and other plants depicted on carpets and tapestries!
    Crochet embroidery
  15. Another great source of inspiration for decorating the walls of the room.
    Luneville crochet embroidery
  16. Do not be surprised, embroidery is even found in the bathroom.
    Embroidery machine

    I really liked this option of storing toilet paper. Decided to take this idea into service and sew such sachets home.
    Embroidery on the grid
  17. Charming!
    Embroidery on fabric
  18. A great solution for a bedroom.
    Embroidery thread
  19. I want myself the same.
    Embroidery amulets
  20. Seemingly simple things, but after such design they have become a bright detail that will add a zest to any kitchen.
    All about embroidery
  21. An interesting decoration of your beloved home conservation.
    Information about embroidery

    The diagram of the embroidery itself.
    Embroidery of pillows
  22. English clerk cole proved that you can embroiderNot only on fabrics, but also on wallpaper and interior panels. She designs and manufactures embroidered panels for interior designers, architects and private clients.
    Embroidery on cardboard

    Her career is an example of how doing a favorite hobby can lead to a serious recognition of the world level.
    Embroidery pattern
  23. Inspired by ancient fabrics and retro wallpaper, withUsing a stitch to combine different textures and fabrics (leather, suede, silk), the girl has developed an innovative process for making wallpapers. This unique and luxurious embroidery transforms the walls into works of art.
    Embroidered with rhinestones

    Bugle embroidery

    Clerk customers are such luxury brands,As missoni, anthroplogie, paul smith, liberty. Fashion houses give her to rework their collections, so she breathed life into them with the help of collages, threads and needles.
    Embroidery tablecloth
  24. Liked Idea of ​​embroidery on simulated furniture And suspended shelves.
    Trend embroidery - 2017

    Embroidery knot
  25. who would have thought! Embroidery can decorate absolutely any thing in the house.
    Embroidery with French knots

Such an omnipresent embroidery! It should be noted that, according to popular beliefs, embroidery is not a simple decoration, but a sacred process.

In traditional folk culture, ornamentalThe compositions were performed to create an amulet, a magic tool that helped to protect the owner from diseases, troubles and misfortunes. We wish you health, warmth, coziness and favorable weather in the house!

Share your inspiration with your friends. These works of incredible beauty cheer up and inspire you to create a stylish interior decor with your own hands.