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Joint of tile and laminate

The tendency to combine in the interior materialsDifferent textures and colors is becoming more popular. To zoning the room and make it more functional, designers are ready to go for anything. so Connection of tile and laminate On the floor - a common solution.

Such a coating is not only beautiful and harmoniousLooks, but also has a much longer life. Moreover, the combination of ceramic tiles and laminated boards increases the strength of the floor and helps to save considerably.

Joint of tile and laminate

Ideas for repair

  1. Joints are rectilinear, but the colors of the tile and laminate are radically different.

    Joint of tile and laminate

  2. This technique is great for kitchen studios. Beautiful, functional and rational.

    Tiles and laminate

  3. A clear contour separates the living room from the kitchen and dining room.

    Floor repair

  4. The tile around the bath repeats the washbasin pattern. An excellent design solution!

    Repairing the floor with your own hands

  5. such Floor repair Is not devoid of originality, but simple in execution.

    Make a combined floor

  6. The perfect combination of colors!

    Joint of tile and laminate

  7. A fairly spacious room is divided into 2 functional areas.

    Joint of tile and laminate

  8. Black and white tiles in the area near the stove, sinks and countertops perfectly harmonize with the small details of the interior.

    Combined floor photo

  9. Tiles and parquet board of the same size and shape in combination give an amazing effect. Look at what a smooth transition!

    Zoning kitchen

  10. The curved joint of the laminate and tiles looks great. To do something like that, you need the help of a professional.

    Combined floor

In every interior should combine comfort, durability and beauty. Even small Experiments with color and texture Are able to revitalize the room and give it personality.