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The magical properties of the signs of the zodiac

birth At the junction of two signs of the zodiac - Real luck! People celebrating their birthday in this period are truly unique. Because they combine only the best features of not one but two zodiac patrons.

Redaction "so simple!" Proposes to understand what is the peculiarity of such extraordinary personalities, and what motivates them throughout life.

Magical properties of the signs of the zodiac

  1. Capricorn - Wolodia
    The traits of a pragmatic capricorn are excellentCombined with such a bizarre Aquarius. If you were born between January 16 and January 23, then you are a real lucky person with an infinite fantasy and bright dreams. All around you just adore you, because you are not bored with you.

    Good, stable character of the Capricorn does not allow Aquarius in you to commit rash acts. You find it difficult in your personal life, for that you are incredibly successful in the affairs of the workers. But you have to choose ...

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  2. Aquarius - fish
    The whimsicality of Aquarius and the dreaminess of fish makesSuch people are very sensitive. They are creative, original and wise. Without problems make a dizzying career, though they often set themselves high goals. Such border guards are often scattered, but only because they constantly dream about changing the world for the better.
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  3. Fish - aries
    If you were born between March 17 and 23, youLucky enough to combine the very sensitivity of the fish and the ardent character of the rams. It would seem that the character well is not combined at all, but this is all the charm! It is important to dominate the Aries, because the fish are always ready to give slack.

    Well, if you can get both marks inHarmony, you will become extremely successful. Because fish can temper the temper tantrums of rams, and the rams are able to easily realize the dreams of touching fish into reality.

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  4. Aries - Taurus
    Such people are born leaders. The energy of the ram and the bull is best combined: while the impulsive Aries reaches the targets at any cost, the practical corpse monitors the details. The truth for the success of the April border guards still have to hold back emotions and learn to respect others.
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  5. Twin bodies
    Such individuals are strong and enduring, with whatOnly physically, but also psychologically. Communicability and resourcefulness of twins allow these people to easily adapt to complex situations. The main thing is to protect yourself and not overdo it in an attempt to achieve goals as soon as possible. But a strong family - something without which such border guards can not, because the family gives them the most lacking confidence and support.
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  6. Twins - cancer
    Bright twins energy very harmoniouslyCombined with the thoughtful nature of cancer, giving the world people incredibly fresh and sunny. June border guards are the real soul of the company. They are fun, caring and inspiring personalities who simply need someone to love. They adore children, culinary experiments and philosophical books. If you were born in the period from June 17 to June 23, you are an amazing person!
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  7. Cancer - lion
    If the authoritative lion listens to the wiseFamily cancer, everything will be wonderful. The nature of such personalities is quite contradictory and changeable. They can be creative and fun, and can be well, very vulnerable and hysterical. It is worth learning how to balance both signs, then life will be full of success and love.
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  8. Lion - the virgin
    If you were born between August 19 and August 25, yourThe patron saints continually contradict each other. You are very persistent and talented, and your strength and perseverance will envy many. The lion is a true leader and a loving family man, but now the virgin is ready to work endlessly. Most often the signs can not get along in harmony, because one tries to force the other into the background.
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  9. Maiden - scales
    Congratulations, you were lucky enough to be born on"The peak of beauty." Everything in you is beautiful, and everything is under your power. You are a balanced, calm, romantic person who will never doubt the correctness of the choice made. True, sometimes laziness and unwillingness to change anything can deprive you of your career and prevent you from reaching such desirable heights.
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  10. Scales - scorpion
    People who were born on the border of theseContradictory signs, well, it's not very easy. But in the throes of truth is born. Venus and Pluto make these signs extremely beautiful and attractive. They inherent leadership and stubbornness, but the main thing is not to bully your nose. They easily reach career heights and gain such necessary popularity. Yes, yes, without public life they just wither away.
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  11. Scorpion - Sagittarius
    People with crazy energy who do not alwaysKnow how to direct it in the right direction. And if they manage to cope with it, they will be extremely successful. Generous, loyal and fun friends, they are always the soul of the company. still would! It happens that the sense of justice is exacerbated in the November border guards. But before you throw accusations in all directions, try to count to one hundred.
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  12. Sagittarius - Capricorn
    The fearlessness of the archer is in perfect harmony withIndustriousness of Capricorn. Sagittarius-Capricorns are highly spiritual people who are trying their best to change this world for the better. They are very self-sufficient in life and profession. They are sociable and can not live without travel. They are easily able to translate the most inconceivable dreams into reality, you just need to!
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