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Patterns on fabric

If you like to make amazing things with your own hands, this article is just for you. Hand-printed fabric - Well, it's very exciting and creative. With the help of this technique you can easily decorate the interior, and most importantly - you will get a lot of pleasure and positive emotions! Such creativity does not require large expenditures, everyone can do, and the result is simply magical. let's try!

"so simple!" Prepared for you an amazing master class on the ancient technique of printing on fabric, which will carry you away completely and completely. We promise.

Hand-printed fabric

Patterns on the fabric


  • acrylic paints
  • Stamps for printing
  • Natural fabric (cotton or linen)
  • A sponge for ware
  • Paint container
  • brush
  • iron
  • Old blanket

Heel process

  1. Start to prepare the working field. The table was laid with an old soft blanket or any other dense, but necessarily soft cloth. For a heel, a soft surface is needed to make the impression more precise.
    Heel on fabric master class
  2. Put a smoothed piece of cloth on top of the blanket: it could be a linen napkin, and a cotton handbag and even a pillowcase on the pillow. The main thing - the fabric should be natural.
    Heel on fabric technology
  3. Pour a little paint in the container of the right color and mix it thoroughly with a brush until smooth.
  4. Take a sponge and cut it into small squares, about 2 x 2 cm. Take a piece of sponge and put it into the paint with a little pressure.
    Manual heel on fabric
  5. Now paint the wooden stamp with a sponge. Paint carefully and evenly, from the bottom up with a little pressure.

    Stamps for heel - this is a patterned wooden plaque that you canBuy in a specialized workshop or do it with your own hands. Use for this purpose not only the tree. For self-made stamps perfectly suited, for example, half of potatoes.

    Russian heel on fabric

  6. Then proceed to the immediate heelDrawing. A colored stamp is applied to the surface of the fabric for a few seconds. For a more accurate heel, you can hit the die with a hammer. Remove the stamp only vertically! Otherwise the drawing will be blurred. Remember, the stamp must be stained before every subsequent imprint.
    Dies for fabric folding
  7. When the article is ready, leave the fabric for several hours until the paint dries completely.
    Stamps for manual heel
  8. After the cloth has dried, drawingIt is necessary to fix with an iron. Iron first the underside, and then the front side. The magic craft is ready! A napkin with a hand-made ornament will be a wonderful gift and will please for many years.
    Stamps for heel

You see, create your own unique and unrivaledDesign is very easy, and most importantly - so nice! Hope this wonderful master class inspired you. Be sure to tell us about your success in the comments.