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Fitness for those over 40

When we are young, many get away with it. Eaten for the future sweets, lack of exercise, nights without sleep. But when you reach the 40-year-old line, you understand: everything has changed. The metabolism is already playing not in your favor!

It is necessary to monitor every piece eaten, health problems begin to be called, which are usually called age, the appearance is not at all the same ... edition "so simple!" Piously believes that you can stay healthy and athletic even in adulthood!

Sometimes it's even easier than in youth, because there is more time for yourself. Following these rules for Fitness, You will accelerate your metabolism and you will feel as good as in your youth. Do not hesitate - better check it out right away!

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Fitness after 40

  1. Make physical activity regular.
    Prepare for a long work on yourself, notIt is worth waiting for an immediate result. If you will be engaged 3-4 times a week - then there will be an effect! For regular people the regularity of classes is extremely important.
  2. Choose strength exercises.
    It would seem, why? Work with heavy dumbbells - is not it dangerous for my constantly aching back? Namely weight training is important for people over the age of 40. they increase the percentage of muscle tissue in the body, and this will automatically lead to improved metabolism.

    Thanks to strength training, muscles are strengthened -So that the pain in your back will leave you, because its frequent cause is frail, untrained muscles. Strength training has a positive effect on the condition of the skin - it is smoothed and pulled up.

    The main rule is to avoid injuries not too much.Straining, working on the simulators. Beware of joints - for this strictly follow the technique of doing exercises. For greater security it is better to work under the supervision of a coach.

  3. Do not neglect cardio workouts.
    It is best to combine strength exercises withCardiovascular - except that it is useful for the heart, it is important for filling the blood with oxygen. Cardio surgery inhibits the development of respiratory diseases.

    For people of age it is important to monitor the frequencyHeartbeats during an active workout - every 10 minutes of physical activity, measure the pulse, counting the number of strokes. Fix with a stopwatch 30 seconds.

    For this time count the number of strokes, multiply them by 2. 140-150 beats per minute - the average index of the pulse with moderate physical exertion for people of mature age.

    Find more information and calculate yourThe optimal heart rate for sports - it depends on the exact age, weight, level of physical fitness and health. Follow the activity of the heart during training in adulthood is mandatory!

  4. Warm-up and stretching!
    Always perform a warm-up before any kind of physical activity and do stretching after doing strength exercises.



  1. 2 weight training for 30 minutes.
  2. 2 cardio training for 45 minutes.
  3. 15 minutes of warm-up and stretching before and after each workout.

Do not practice every day - between training sessionsShould be a break in 1-2 days. 5 hours a week will go to training. But it will help you look much younger than your age, enjoy great health and be energetic, full of strength man.


Feed rationally! Proteins in the diet of a mature man who regularly trains must be at least 30%. More vegetables, fruits, fatty fish, less fatty meat. Try to eat complex carbohydrates - porridge - and if possible, exclude from the diet of bakery products and sweets.

It is very important to use a sufficient amount of dairy products - for Strong bones. Do not forget to drink water, but try to forget about alcohol ... a glass of red dry wine per week you can afford, a maximum of 2 glasses.


These general rules will help you trainOnly for the sake of beauty, but for the sake of health! Constant training - a real youth elixir. Share the article with loved ones, for many this information will be relevant!