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Identification test

Every woman feels in herself a secret magical power ... someone stubbornly denies this, hiding a broom in the pantry, and some do not mind boasting of their sorcerous abilities. Come on Choose a broom And learn about the magic gift of each of us!

Personality test

Test diagnosis of personality

  1. Witch-entrepreneur
    You have the ability to clearly distinguishOwn capabilities. As if about magic, it's easy to get inspired to new things and beginnings. In the work you often include your "witch flair", which allows you to avoid risks and losses.

    You spend your free time actively: flying on a broomstick and dynamic sports are not alien to you. Of course, Friday's covenants with friends, no one canceled!

    Test diagnosis of personality

  2. Witch-leader
    You have expressive facial expressions and witchcraftEloquence. Most likely, others have noticed for you the ability to anticipate different events and prepare for them in advance. You are an extremely thin person and you can quickly catch inconsistencies in the words and emotions of other people without a fortune-telling card.
    Test diagnosis of personality
  3. Domineering witch
    You have the ability to influence people withUsing emotional pressure, while you have good relations with them. Despite the strong leadership features, you are a sorceress who often sacrifices her own interests for the sake of others.
    Test diagnosis of personality
  4. Witch pedant
    You know where each bowler lies and broom inHouse. You like irreproachable order and you demand that others also support it. If you are in charge of preparing a potion or organizing an important coven, you will surely bring the matter to an end. Other witches flutter before you, each time showing their admiration and respect!
    Test diagnosis of personality
  5. Witch-tutor
    You subtly feel other people. Trusting relationship for you is the most important criterion. You can not forgive the betrayal of a cunning sorcerer for nothing. The universe also endowed you with the gift of a teacher and teacher. You will like the work with young wizards who will see in you a real role model.
    Test diagnosis of personality
  6. Witch with an iron character
    You easily recognize falseness and finesse inRelations. On Sabbaths and meetings you always manage to defend your views and principles. Unfortunately, you do not tolerate the superiority of other magicians and witches, so at times you can be a little harsh.
    Test diagnosis of personality
  7. Witch-pioneer
    You are different from other witches in a wide rangeInterests. You do not need to adapt to new conditions and changes in life. You are the witch who will not wait for a convenient moment: you solve all the important problems yourself and are not afraid to start the preparation of a new potion.
    Test diagnosis of personality
  8. Witch-dreamer
    You are a dreamy and lyrical person ... with othersWitches you have a trusting relationship: you are well versed in people and you feel them. Great importance is given to appearance and sorcery attire, you do not know how to save magic money.
    Test diagnosis of personality
  9. Witch-introvert
    You know how to enjoy ordinary life and calmlyYou carry out routine duties: cleaning boilers, cleaning the home and preparing a potion. You do not need to get along with other wizards: you like to help others and feel right. Most of the time you prefer to spend alone, running to the bald mountain.
    Test diagnosis of personality
  10. Witch-traveler
    You can not stand the routine: Frequent change of workplace for you - a habitual business. Work for you - a real creative springboard. You often take a broom and go to the uncharted place. With you it's interesting to other wizards, because you are not against sharing your centuries-old experience.
    Test diagnosis of personality

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