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Fashion Legislators

The main editors of fashion magazines are not justPut photos from the shows on the pages of gloss, they dictate to us how to dress to be in the trend. They can criticize even the most famous designer or star, which for a long time remained an icon of style. We read it all and try to follow the recommendations. But the question arises: do they adhere to their own advice?

How to dress stylists

Redaction "so simple!" Will tell you and show you how to dress the editors of the most Fashion glosses. Now you will know who to listen to, and whose advice to set aside.

Fashion trendsetters

Anna vintour

Perhaps, anna - the most influential person in the worldFashion. She is the editor-in-chief of the American version of vogue. She is admired, but at the same time they are afraid of her and all the eminent persons want to be friends with her. Her magazine sets trends, and she herself is an adherent of elegant and feminine classics. She does not think of life without dresses fit. And the carving of a square, black glasses and a massive necklace is already something without which its image is unthinkable.

How to dress stylists

Evelina Khromchenko

We know this lady on numerous TV shows aboutFashion. But also 13 years, served as editor-in-chief and creative director of the Russian version of the magazine l'officiel. In the wardrobe of the leading talk show "fashionable sentence" black predominates, but it will not turn her tongue into sullen and boring language. Tuxedo, shortened trousers and original trim do their thing. And her choice of points is followed by all Russian women of fashion.

How to dress stylists

Emmanuel alto

Chief editor of the French vogue opponentDresses and skirts, although her figure is excellent. Jeans, sweater or T-shirt under a perfectly cut jacket - the most comfortable and, for her taste, stylish clothes. Emmanuel also likes rough shoes, ducks and loose shirts. Brand for her does not mean anything at all, she can easily buy a thing in the supermarket.

How to dress stylists

Francesca berns

Fashion editor of the British version of the vogue lovesExperiments in everything. She is not afraid of bright clothes and a risky combination of colors. Her images are rather eccentric: funny glasses, sneakers, stretched t-shirts and sweaters, socks with sandals ... sometimes she even dresses up like a child, but this is a long-developed style that looks not strange, but harmonious. In general, it is impossible not to notice it.

How to dress stylists

Kristin centenera

Senior editor in vogue australia sings odesBlack color. Her outfits are never boring or too simple. Massive accessories made of metal, small handbags and high heels - a distinctive feature of the unique and very Feminine style Christine. She has much to learn.

How to dress stylists

As you can see, the fate of the world fashion can be entrusted to these beauties. They have a wonderful sense of style. Share interesting information with your friends in social networks!