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With what to combine trousers

Spring and summer - it's time for stylish experiments and daring solutions. For example, Bright colored trousers - a great way to include your imagination and diversify the everyday image.

With what to combine trousers

Considering the photo from the last known hitsFashion houses, the first thing you notice is a lot of colors. Surprisingly, many women are afraid to wear bright things, since with an inept combination they will look ridiculous and tasteless.

However, you always want to learn how to combine the mostComplex wardrobe items, play clothes, like mosaics, creating a beautiful picture from scratch under any mood and occasion. It is therefore worthwhile to have on hand precise instructions on how to Creating a harmonious image.

With what to combine trousers

Redaction "so simple!" Has prepared 15 ideas for all women of fashion, How to combine colored pantsTo look the most stylish. Create your perfect image!

  1. Choosing trousers of a fashionable shade «pink yarrow» under the version of magazine of color pantone, combine them with a black leather top, and you will look impudently, safely and improbably stylishly!
    9, with what to combine maroon trousers
  2. With a warm mustard color combine any shades of orange, black, white and gray.
    With what to combine turquoise trousers
  3. Here it is, elegant elegance!
    With what to combine blue trousers
  4. If you like to be in the center of attention - combine a bright, juicy orange with monophonic blouses and classic black t-shirts.
    What to wear with the white trousers of the pipe
  5. Pink trousers complete with the same color bag and blue jacket will create a harmonious spring image.
    With what to wear jacquard trousers
  6. Incredibly tenderly look pants of a fashionable shade of "yellow primrose" in combination with a gently pink knitted pullover.
    With what to combine yellow trousers
  7. I'm delighted with this stylish image!
    With what to wear gold trousers
  8. A vivid example of the use of different shades of warm colors. Looks very juicy!
    With what to wear lemon-colored trousers
  9. Blue color symbolizes purity, tenderness andDreaminess. To emphasize femininity, it is enough to assemble the image in pastel-blue tones. And also complement it with a pleasant shade of blue and gray for greater expressiveness.
    Colored trousers for women
  10. Looking at this photo, I immediately wanted to be in a summer cafe, eating ice cream and inhaling fresh sea air. The ability to convey the mood through clothing should be enjoyed by every fashionista.
    Colored trousers
  11. With ease, use things of the same color scale, especially if it concerns the "pink quartz" shade. Very feminine and stylish!
    Colored trousers and jeans
  12. Blue pants just look great with a white blouse or shirt.
    Blue buggies
  13. Light shades of green Have a rejuvenating effect. They refresh, making the image interesting and unusual. And the original image is easy to create, if you wear a light green trousers and a white blouse.
    With what to combine green pants

    Interesting is the combination of green with gray, blue or purple. You can choose either a deep blue hue, or a soft blue or violet. Here it is necessary to take into account Features of its color. The main thing is that these colors emphasize the shade of the skin and hair.
    With what combine mustard trousers

    If you prefer a light top, try putting on a blouse with a floral print or polka dots to make the image cute and unusual.
    With what to combine beige trousers
  14. Picking up trousers in the style of military or kazhual,Focus immediately on the color khaki or kale (curly cabbage), included in the top 10 colors of this season according to pantone. This shade is perfectly combined with T-shirts and T-shirts of white, gray or black.
    With what to combine khaki trousers
  15. Orange pants can always be "softened" with soft, light details and top in muffled neutral tones.
    Short colored pants

When it comes to color pants, then tryCombine not more than three saturated shades in the image. More will look ridiculous and too luridly. If the closet did not find suitable shoes, then you can give preference to black shoes.

In principle, colored trousers are easiest to wear withClothes of black or white color scale. Also from the win-win shades it is worth highlighting coffee and cream. And another tip: do not combine warm and cold shades. Otherwise the lower and upper parts of the figure will look like separate parts, not the holistic version.

As you see, there are no special difficulties, the main thing is to make sure that your image looks harmonious. Look for your style and strive for individuality!

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