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Wooden countertops

One definitely very talented girlShowed the world its work, which it creates from unnecessary old boards. Popularity and recognition a wonderful master received through the Internet. Photos of the results of labor she puts on her blog.

Her creations were enthusiastically received by users of social networks. And now its customers are many famous people from all over the world. What is its secret?

Wooden worktops

Redaction "so simple!" Interested in this story, and we decided to tell you about the master.

Wooden worktops, Made in the form of mosaic patterns, interestingTrays, cutting boards, creative frames for photos and even pictures - all this is impressive and fascinating with its uniqueness and skill that is felt in every work.

Wooden worktops

This result the girl achieved through trial, error and experimentation with the material that she collected all summer. Surprisingly, but this original idea she appeared from boredom!

Girl and wooden boards

A talented graduate of Pratt Institute in New York decided to realize her creative potential and open her own business of producing houses on trees.

She began small and began to collect everywhere old boards. When they accumulated enough, the winter came, and the idea had to be postponed.

Unnecessary old boards

Not to die of anguish, the girl beganAdd a mosaic to the boards. This process was so exciting that the foreman made the original countertop, inspired by the ornamentation of patchwork quilts made in patchwork technique.

Wooden countertops in the kitchen

"My parents' southern influences exerted a huge influence on my work", Says the girl. Alabama, from where it comes from, is famous for making stunning quilts. Since childhood, the girl was fascinated by the beauty of these classic examples of folk craft.

Processing of wooden countertops

Patchwork in English means "patchwork", or "textile mosaic". A sense of care, the attention of the craftsman has invested in a multi-component drawing of her wooden products.

Wooden countertops with their own hands

At the moment the girl has many orders for the manufacture of unique countertops. She is happy to come up with various combinations, selecting the wood of different shades.

Manufacturing of a wooden table-top with own hands

These tables adorn the famous designer shoes store.
Mosaic of wood in the interior

Mosaic wood - this is an exclusive decoration for the house. It gives a feeling of warmth and naturalness. And is a durable material that is easy to clean and does not fade.
Interesting mosaic made of wood

Such eco-friendly material is suitable not only for decorating the house, but also for the interior of restaurants, hotels, offices and showrooms.
Mosaic made of wood for walls

Time seems to stop when you look at such man-made beauty!


A perfect solution for the head of the bed. I love the smell of natural wood.
Mosaic wood

just wonderful! Very much wanted to myself the same tray.
Mosaic wooden countertops

In such things, created by human hands,The soul is felt! So if you have old unnecessary boards and the desire to create unique things with your own hand - do not put off inspiration for later. Realize yourself in creativity and create with pleasure. It's so wonderful!

It is always pleasant to realize that you can do such things yourself and not throw out a huge amount of money for materials. If you are also struck by these wooden crafts, Share the article with your friends.