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Elegant dresses

Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Jaklin Kennedy ... the flawless taste of these women is admired by the whole world! How to create an image that will not only attract attention, but will remain in memory?

Do not necessarily wear pearls and gloves to make yourself known A real lady. A few tricks will teach you to look exquisite.

Elegant dresses

10 stylish images

  1. An elegant accessory everywhere and always. It can be a quality leather bag without extra finishing, a watch or a hat.

    lace dress

  2. And who said that pants are not free? A rich gray color emphasizes rigor. This image is perfect for a business meeting.

    Evening image

  3. Dress below the knees and shortened jacket - a favorite set of British ladies. And an elegant hat will make the lady mysterious.

    Style lady

  4. Classic boats black or beige - shoes, without which you can not do. Especially when it comes to a pencil skirt. To not appear fresh in clothes of dark tones, add bright accessories.

    Evening Dress

  5. Gentle pink and powder shades - an excellent solution for the summer. No one can resist your charm and charm!

    Stylish image

  6. The headpiece will adorn any woman.

    lace dress

  7. Ideal proportions - that's what you need to pay attention to when choosing clothes. Emphasize the dignity of your figure and try to hide the flaws skillfully.

    lace dress

  8. For the celebration choose dresses from satin, lace, guipure. Look luxurious!

    lace dress

  9. White color in clothes Always looks smart.

    lace dress

  10. Since the days of coco chanel good jacket - an integral attribute of a stylish woman's wardrobe.

    lace dress

Remember that the main decoration of the lady are good manners and a radiant smile. Share interesting information with your friends in social networks!