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Line of marriage

The true essence of a person is revealed by his hands. They do not lie, they do not hide or falsify facts, but they show how the fate of a person will develop.

Line of marriage on hand Tell about the secrets of married life, the peculiarities of love relationships and even indicate the number of weddings! Find this line in your hand on the edge of the palm under the little finger and find out everything about the marriage bonds.

Marriage line

Marriage line

What awaits you in marriage

  1. Very long
    Love is mutual and sincere. The relationship will be durable and strong.
    Marriage line
  2. Fuzzy and interruptible
    Being married, a person will feel unloved and lonely. There are frequent quarrels, problems, misunderstandings.
    Marriage line
  3. Two expressive lines
    If there are as many as 2 clear lines of marriage on the palm of your hand, then the possessor will go twice before the crown. And enjoy the marital life he will be with both the first and second elect.
  4. If divided into 2 thin lines
    Palmists claim that such a signTestifies that people in relations will be strangers to each other. They can remain in the marriage, but the spiritual connection and intimacy will be lost with time. Possible problems in the intimate life of the spouses.
    Marriage line
  5. Many lines
    You have many friends of the opposite sex. If there is one long line among the small lines, then the marriage will be perfect.
    Marriage line
  6. Bends or breaks down
    This is an unhappy sign for a family man. This arrangement indicates the possibility of widows.
    Marriage line
  7. If completed with a cross
    Believe that this is a dangerous sign that does not bode well. The relationship will end tragically. Divorce in this case is inevitable.
    Predict the future
  8. Rectangle on the line
    It is likely that the possessor will be subjected to psychological or physical violence in marriage.
  9. Line of small lines
    If a lot of small lines branch off from the line of marriage, it means that your partner has weak health.
    Which means the marriage line
  10. Short line below the marriage line
    If on the arm in parallel with the main lineIs drawn a small and short, it is a sign of betrayal. Still it can mean and just a frivolous connection before the wedding or after it. But infidelity is recognized along the line of influence, around which another delicate line is twisted.


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