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How to raise a son

Billionaire, philanthropist and ingenious inventor - yes, yes, this is the same Ilon Mask. An outstanding innovator and businessman, he putsBefore itself, seemingly unthinkable tasks aimed at the benefit of all mankind. Colonization of Mars? Time to spit! Electric vehicles with autopilot, neural networks and vacuum trains, recovery from oil dependence ...

Ilon Mask

For someone it's just fantastic dreams, inspired by futuristic movies, but for a mask are working moments. It seems that he has only to imagine something!

But we will not talk about the mask. Redaction "so simple!" Tell you, on whose fragile shoulders the most successful entrepreneur of our time is based.

Mother ilona mask

How to raise a son

Who is this fantastic woman who managed to turn an ordinary boy into an inventor, capable of radically changing the future of mankind? Mei mask - 67-year-old model, nutritionist, mother of three children and grandmother of ten grandchildren. It seems, success and wealth for the family of masks - something familiar, but the road to them was complex and thorny.

Mei mask

May began to work at 15 and has not seen sinceHis life without hard work. It seems that her diligence was easily passed on to the children. She mei mask worked on 5 works to somehow support the family. "I did not have money, and it was necessary to somehow survive. Poverty is a good motivation "Says May.

Mei mask in youth

May claims that The success of her children - this is only their merit, but not hers: "I never helped my children. I've worked too hard and too hard, they've done everything themselves ". True in 1996, the mask put all itsMoney, and this is $ 10,000, to the company of zip2's sons. She soon said that it was her best investment. Already in 3 years the company of brothers of masks was bought out by compaq corporation for $ 307 million.

Ilon mask future

And here it was twisted! For a few years, Ilon Mask has made a real revolution in the world of technology. Spacex, tesla, solarcity, hyperloop, neuralink ... go crazy, if only for a moment to imagine the speed with which technical progress is currently moving. And all thanks to the hard work and courage of one energetic enthusiast.

Ilon Mask is a genius

Most mei mask wanted her childrenLearned to work hard, because the work can make a person really happy. A woman is incredibly frustrated when they say about him: "Yes, he wants to earn more!" In fact, money is not so important for the mask, it's just Passionate about his idea. "Ilon's goal is to use the knowledge of physics to make this world better", - is convinced me.

Ilon Mask Achievement

It would seem, why such a successful mother workIn their own years? But the clever mei mask is not in a hurry to retire! She is still actively posing for glossy magazines, writing books, conducting lectures on healthy eating and skillfully using social networks.

Mei mask model

Mei mask biography

"I am very calm about my age. I spend time the way I like: I work, I lead lectures at the school where my grandchildren study. I celebrate birthdays and just have fun! This is the happiest period in my life ", - says May. And we have not a drop of doubt.

Ilon Mask Family

Ilon Mask is incredibly clever, charismatic and stunningly fascinated by his business man. If you do not already know what kind of guy he is and how he is Changes your life Today, be sure to watch this video!

As you see, everyone can bring up a successful child. The main thing is to believe in your child and support in every possible way all his undertakings, even if they seem ridiculous and trivial to you.

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