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How to determine the presence of parasites in the body

The signs that we will talk about can be found in many people, regardless of age. Analysis does not always show the presence of Parasites in the body!! We calm down - the worms are not found - and we begin to treat the symptoms of parasitic infestation, taking them for other serious diseases.

Carefully read the list of these indicators - ifYou will find at least 4 of the items listed below, it is worthwhile to see a doctor, carry out a diagnosis of parasites and cleanse the body. It is very important for both children and adults - parasites Weaken the immune system And contribute to the development of dangerous diseases.

Presence of parasites

  1. allergy.
    Parasites can damage the shell of the intestines, whichLeads to the ingestion of particles of undigested food into the blood. This causes an allergic reaction. Parasites and products of their vital activity - allergens themselves.
  2. obesity.
    When parasites settle in the body, they begin to eat valuable nutrients, leaving the body only unnecessary, "empty" calories. Often this is the cause of excess weight, coupled with beriberi.
  3. Increased nervous excitability.
    As a result of parasitic poisoning there are excessive nervousness, depression, sleep disturbance.
  4. Chronic indigestion.
    Prostaglandin is an enzyme that produces many parasites. It leads to loss of sodium, and this is the cause of stomach upset.
  5. Constipation.
    Parasites are able to block the bile and intestinal ways, because the infected person may have constipation.
  6. Constant fatigue.
    The lack of valuable substances that are eaten by parasites depletes the body. Apathic states occur, concentration may decrease, memory may deteriorate.
  7. cough.
    Very often the inflammation of the respiratory tract and cough indicate ascariasis.
  8. Poor skin condition.
    When there are parasites in the body, bad skin is a frequent phenomenon.
  9. Sudden night awakening.
    The body wants to get rid of toxins, because frequent awakenings in the middle of the night with parasitic infection - a common thing.

All these signs are very unpleasant, but the pictures that you see now, even worse. I do not want to think that inside you can live it ...



Watch a video on how to diagnose yourBody for the presence of parasites and clean it. There are a lot of folk ways, but a doctor's advice is always desirable - whatever you decide to undertake.

Remember that you need to monitor your healthconstantly. Pay attention to the state of the body as a whole, listen to it. It is better to prevent many problems than to deal with treatment of a "neglected" variant. Transfer this article to friends, let them protect themselves and their children from nasty parasites!