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Water for body cleansing

water - an indispensable component of our body. Its benefits can be talked for hours - and for the skin is good, and for the work of internal organs, and for weight loss is good. But few people know that water still remains the best Cleanser for the body. Nothing compares to it!

In order to be healthy, from time to timeYou need to give the body a rest and clean the cells. The idea of ​​detox is very simple: every day and night our body works without stopping, processing food, absorbing all the usefulness and rejecting all the mucks.

Depending on which diet you stick to, where you live, what air you breathe - your body is more or less contaminated with toxins. target Detox - To remove as much toxins from your body and get better.

Water with lemon and mint

Such cleansing is also an excellent preparatory stage before adopting a healthy dietary system as a new way of life. Detox Will allow you to regain the natural gustatory sensations that you have lost, consuming too much unhealthy - sweet, salty, fried and fatty - food.

Fruits and vegetables will find a new charm for you, the taste buds will come to life. I think, it is not necessary to say that for weight loss this is just a magic tool.

Water with lemon

Behold Beautiful water recipe, Which will help you cleanse the body without much effort. Besides, it is pleasant to the taste. Remember these simple components:

Drink recipe for detox


  • 2 liters of water
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 lemon
  • 10-12 leaves of mint

Cut the cucumber and lemon slices, add the mint, pour all the water and leave for the night. Drink with pleasure this drink every day, it takes out all unnecessary from the body, making you healthier and more beautiful.

Water with lemon

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