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25 national dishes

The best way to get acquainted with a foreign country -Try her national dish. We offer you a list of typical national dishes from different parts of the world. It will be especially useful to read to those who are going on a trip. This article proves that the kitchen is an important Element of culture Any nation.

National dishes

  1. Barbados: ku-ku and flying fish
    The basis of the traditional dish isCorn flour and vegetable okra, a little like the taste of the usual eggplant. The ingredients can be other - bananas, breadfruit. A ku-ku is served along with a toasted flying fish that lives near the island.
  2. Ku-ku and flying fish

  3. Canada: Putin (Accent on the second syllable, and not the way you read it)
    A national Canadian dish of French fries,Cheese and sauce. Variants of a stuffing set - a chicken, a bacon, truffles. After the appearance of this Canadian gastronomic miracle pudding was called any dish, where several ingredients were involved.
  4. Putin's dish

  5. Syria: kebbe
    Typical Syrian kebbe is made from bulgur (cerealsHard wheat), chopped onions and finely chopped pieces of beef, lamb, goat or camel meat. The best variant of kebbe - these are the cutlets stuffed with beef or lamb.
  6. Kebbe

  7. Polish: bigus
    Traditionally bigus is prepared from pork meat,Beef and roe deer, from cabbage - sour and fresh, and also a whole set of smoked products, ham and sausage. All the products are first fried separately, then stewed until ready.

    This fragrant dish can include such ingredients as tomatoes, honey, mushrooms, pepper, cumin, bay leaves, oregano, prunes.

  8. Bigus

  9. Greece: souvlaki
    Namely suvlaki is usually considered the most famousA Greek dish. This popular "fast food" in Greece consists of small pieces of meat and vegetables on skewers. Usually suvlaki made from pork, although they can also use chicken or lamb.
  10. Souvlaki

  11. Italy: pizza
    For today in Italy there are at least two thousand recipes that are very different in their composition and method of cooking pizzas.

    This dish has won its popularity all over the world due to the simplicity of cooking and the variety of recipes. The main thing in pizza is the right dough and good cheese, everything else will follow.

  12. pizza

  13. Ireland: Irish Stew
    The classic stew includes lamb, potatoes, onions, as well as parsley and cumin. Most of the meat is cut into small pieces, while vegetables - large, half or quarter.
  14. Stew

  15. Usa: hamburger
    The hamburger is not inferior to pizza for its popularity. Everyone knows its main ingredients - bun and cutlet, vegetables, greens, sauce. Try a branded, real hamburger - is not it a dream?
  16. hamburger

  17. Hungarian: goulash
    National Hungarian dish - goulash - most honestly referred to the category of thick soups, which are usually served garnish.

    Once this soup cooked under the open sky the shepherds, frying beef in a pig-iron on pig's fat, and adding to it gradually vegetables - potatoes, onions, tomatoes and sweet peppers.

  18. goulash

  19. Israel: falafel
    This dish is common not only in Israel, but also throughout the Middle East. It's very fried balls or flat cakes from ground chickpeas, garden beans or both. Well, very tasty.
  20. Falafel

  21. Jamaica: Accidents and Salted Fish
    To cook this dish, salted codPass in a cooked akki, onions, tomatoes and spices. Usually served for breakfast or dinner with breadfruit, bread, pelmeni or cooked green bananas. Akki is a local tropical fruit with a delicate taste.
  22. Akki and salted fish

  23. Austria: Vienna Schnitzel
    Schnitzel is prepared from fresh veal, whipped eggs and bread crumbs. Served with potatoes.
  24. Wiener Schnitzel

  25. South korea: bulgogi
    Behind this strange name is a dish fromAcute meat, usually it is beef. Marinade is a mixture of soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, onion, ginger, sugar, wine, green onions, and sometimes mushrooms.
  26. Pulkings

  27. France: thin pancakes
    It turns out, thin pancakes, which often visit our kitchen, come from France! The main plus of this dish - there is where to go fancy, inventing a variety of fillings.
  28. Thin pancakes

  29. China: peking duck
    The most famous dish from the capital of China and one of theThe most famous Chinese dishes around the world. Duck with a crispy skin that is served with green onions, cucumbers, sweet bean sauce and pancakes. Here would try such a duck!
  30. Duck-peking

  31. Brazil: feijoada
    Today, feižoada is prepared from beans, variousKinds of meat, spices, cassava flour, served in a clay pot with cabbage, orange slices, pepper sauce and, if desired, with rice. In each region the feijoada is cooked in different ways, with different additives.
  32. Feyzoada

  33. Ukraine: borsch
    Thick spicy soup of beet and vegetables, with meat. For sure, you know what the amazing taste of this Ukrainian traditional dish is. It is usually eaten with sour cream and bread.
  34. borscht

  35. Thailand: Thai noodles
    This noodles is made from dampened with dry waterRice noodles fried with eggs and chopped tofu, and as a seasoning uses a huge number of different ingredients: tamarind pulp, fish sauce, dried shrimps, garlic, shallots, chiles.

    Served with lime slices and chopped roasted peanuts. Depending on the region may also contain fresh shrimp, crab, chicken or other types of meat.

  36. Thai noodles

  37. Czech: cream in cream
    As a tenderloin, usually beef is taken, which is served with a thick creamy sauce and dumplings. Sometimes a dish of lemon and cranberry are served. This is a very delicate and fragrant dish.
  38. Cream-cutting

  39. Venezuela: Arepa
    Venezuelans can not live without arrests as well as Russians without bread. This is flat bread from corn flour, completely without oil, with different fillings.
  40. Detente

  41. Turkey: kebab
    Kebab appeared on the streets of Turkey, where streetTraders cut meat from vertically suspended pieces. By tradition, lamb is used in kebab, but depending on local preferences or religious prejudices, in kebab you can also meet beef, goat, chicken, pork or even fish. Usually kebab is served in pita bread.
  42. kebab

  43. Singapore: crab chili
    Crab, fried in a delicate special sauce ... it is impossible even to imagine this yummy.
  44. Crab chili

  45. Serbia: splashing
    Simple, but tasty and nutritious dish of minced meat and onions, it looks like a meat pancake. Served with different side dishes.
  46. Splatter

  47. New zealand: pie with bacon and eggs
    This cake consists of bacon, eggs, onions, peas, tomatoes and cheese, so it is quite high in calories. Sometimes served with ketchup. Also this dish is popular in neighboring Australia.
  48. Pie with bacon and eggs

  49. Belgium: mussels and French fries
    Who tried mussels, will not remain indifferent toThis dish. It is served in an incredible amount - a serving weighing 1.5 kg per person. In addition, the exquisite mussels are accompanied by a favorite french fries.
  50. Mussels and French fries

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