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Bounty Candy Recipe

Did you know that candy can be cooked at home easily from childhood? Yes, in order to make natural and incredibly tasty Candies "bounty" You only need 20 minutes of time, three simple ingredients, and here it is - happiness.

The most interesting is that this recipe does not contain even a hint of oil, that is, it is low-calorie. But the taste is magical!

Candy bounty


  • 2 tiles of milk chocolate
  • 3 tbsp. Coconut chips - it is better if it is unsweetened
  • 1 tbsp. Condensed milk with sugar


  1. Carefully mix the condensed milk with coconut shavings.
  2. Candy bounty

  3. Prepare a suitable surface that fits in the freezer. Wrap it with parchment or food film.
  4. Candy bounty

  5. Give the pieces of the filling a rectangular shape and lay it on this surface.
  6. Candy bounty

  7. Put the cooked pieces of the filling in the freezer.
  8. While the filling in the freezer - cook on a water bath or in a microwave oven melted chocolate.
  9. Candy bounty

  10. Get out the decorated cold stuffing, dip the pieces in pieces into the melted chocolate and put the ready-made sweets back on the form. Of course, the chocolate must completely freeze before serving.

Your sweets with a hot tropical name are ready! Be sure to prepare them for some familiar sweet tooth and admire his blissful expression.

"Bounty" is truly paradisaic delight!! If you liked this recipe - please them with your loved ones.