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Ghee Oil

In ayurveda, the melted cow oil is called ghee. It is believed that it is this product that can fill the body with special energy, which positively affects the work of all internal organs. melted butter Helps to strengthen the nervous system, nourishes the brain, cleanses the liver and activates the metabolism in the body.

Oil ghee

  1. Suitable for frying
    Ghi is perfectly combined with all products. In contrast to vegetable oils, this product does not lose its useful properties when heated. On it you can fry both vegetables and meat. On melted butter dishes are extremely delicious and aromatic, with a rich creamy taste.
    Ghee oil properties
  2. Promotes weight loss
    Gherten cow butter contains fattyAcids, which are 8% less saturated than other animal fats. This facilitates the easy assimilation of this product by the body. During the preparation of ghee oil, a complex protein, casein, is completely removed from it. This substance affects the increase in cholesterol in the blood.

    Also in melted butter contains usefulAntioxidants - vitamins a and e. They interfere with the oxidation of lipids, prevent atherosclerosis and contribute to the increase in fat burning processes. And even in ghee oil contains linoleic acid, which is so necessary for the development of organs and tissues of the body.

    Ghee oil properties

  3. Used as a natural laxative
    For this it is necessary to dissolve 1-2 teaspoons of melted butter in a glass of hot milk. Such a tool can be taken even by children.
    Ghee oil properties
  4. Increases the effectiveness of ointments and balms
    For this purpose it is necessary to mix a small amount of melted butter with a remedy and apply it to a sore spot.
    Ghee oil properties
  5. Helps to increase immunity
    With the help of this tool you can get rid ofAnemia, physical weakness. For this it is enough to consume melted butter, mixing it with dried fruits, nuts, honey and spices. With regular use of such a vitamin bomb will help get rid of chronic ailment.
    Ghee oil properties

Look in this video, How to cook melted butter At home.

It should be noted that ghee has a positive effect on the body only in moderation: do not abuse this product.

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