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Secrets of cooking pilaf

There are a lot of recipes for this familiar dish. I'll tell you everything today Secrets of cooking Uzbek pilaf. Prepared in this way is already familiar to us, the dish will be incredibly fragrant and tasty.


  • Rice
  • bulb onions
  • carrot
  • beef
  • salt


  1. Start standing with a bow. Cut it into half rings and fry in vegetable oil until golden.
  2. Then add pre-cut large pieces of beef.
  3. To the meat with the onions we add carrots. Carrots should be cut into large bars. Salt and fry well.
  4. Pour onion, beef and carrots with boiled water to cover these ingredients by a few centimeters. Further Cook a dirwack On a moderate fire. Zirvak - this broth, which we just prepared. The longer it is cooked, the pilaf Will be more fragrant.
  5. It's time for the most important component. Rice is to choose solid varieties, you can take long grain. It should be well sorted and washed, soak unnecessarily.
  6. Be sure to try the dirwak before adding rice. Salt should be more than necessary for a typical soup. It is better to overdo it, because rice still absorbs salt, otherwise pilaf will be fresh.
  7. Now add rice to the zirvak and evenly pour boiled water. It should cover rice by a few centimeters. We make fire a little more and wait for the rice to absorb water.

    Then make holes in the rice to the bottomKazana, so that the zirvak is not burnt. Follow the contents in these holes and periodically pierce them again. When the liquid in the holes begins to gleam, it's time to reduce the fire to a minimum and cover the pilaf with a lid.

  8. Further, we mark 20 minutes, turn off, mix and leave for another 10 minutes.

Pilaf is ready!


There are still some very important secrets in cooking Of delicious Uzbek pilau:

  • Carrots should never be rubbed, it should be cut into large enough pieces.
  • It is best to use cast iron cauldron for cooking pilaf.
  • Salt and spices should be added in the middle of cooking dirvak.
  • During the preparation of rice, you should not mix and the lid should never be opened prematurely.
  • If you give the pilaf a chance to brew for 30 minutes, it will be even tastier.

that's all Secrets of cooking delicious pilaf!! Using them, you can create an incredibly aromatic and tasty dish from the usual ingredients. Bon Appetit!

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