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Recipes of fruit cocktails

It's time to support your body with vitamins during the cold weather. How to do it best? You can simply lean on the fruit, and you can cook incredibly delicious and Useful drink And pamper your taste buds.

These wonderful Cocktail recipes Surprise you with their unusual combination of ingredients. Stock up on fruits and forward to do delicious vitamin cocktails!

Fruit cocktails

  1. Orange + grapefruit + lemon
    This drink perfectly restores strength after a working day. Energize vitamins with excellent citrus flavor.
  2. Fruit drink

  3. Grapefruit + apple
    This cocktail helps to reduce weight, Removes toxins And saturates the body with vitamin c.
  4. grapefruit

  5. Carrots + apple + pear + mango
    This drink perfectly copes with high blood pressure, helps to cleanse the body of toxins. Even without a mango, it's gorgeous.
  6. Carrot and apple juice

  7. Carrots + ginger + apple
    A wonderful drink to maintain and Strengthening the immune system. Ginger gives an extraordinary flavor to the cocktail.
  8. Carrots, ginger, apple

  9. Orange + ginger + cucumber
    Cocktail improves skin color and condition. Is very useful when Dehydration.
  10. Cucumber drink

  11. Apple + cucumber + celery
    Such an incredibly useful drink helps with stomach problems and headaches.
  12. Cocktail of celery

To make such a cocktail, you need quite a bit of ingenuity. You can experiment with your favorite tastes and at the same time help your body to be saturated with vitamins.

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