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What will happen if you sleep a little

It's no secret that good dream Is a pledge of good health. But physicians still doubt how many hours of sleep a person needs to ensure that the body can fully restore its strength.

Most people believe that a fullCall only an 8-hour dream, the rest say that a person will have enough and 6 hours of night rest. Do you also think that some 120 minutes can not play a big role? Then you should find out what can happen to a person who is not getting enough sleep.

What will happen if you sleep a little

Sara chalmers - 46-year-old womanGreat Britain, which took part in an experiment called "sleep deprivation". The purpose of the study was to find out what the consequences might be for a simple lack of sleep. At the beginning of the experiment, scientists analyzed the condition of the skin of a woman using a face scan.

At the end of the experiment Pore ​​size Increased in 2 times, and the skin was reddened. "I looked much older than my years. I constantly had circles under the eyes, enlarged pores, and incomprehensible dark spots began to appear on my chin. I quickly got tired and became irritable. And I hated my reflection ", Says the woman.

At the first stage of the experiment the sara slept no more4 hours a day (from two in the morning until six in the morning). She said after a four-hour rest, she did not feel tired, but at the same time did not feel that she had rested. "By three o'clock in the afternoon I had a strange feeling, like a hangover", Said the woman.

Sara chalmers

At the second stage, the sara for a week slept for 5.5-6 hours a day. By the middle of the week, the woman admitted that she felt some changes: she became Faster to tire And there is more sweet for recharging.

Doctors explained it this way: "Because of a lack of sleep, cortisol is produced -A stress hormone. Because of this, the person becomes more irritable. Also, a lack of sleep activates the sebaceous glands, which leads to skin problems. In addition, the lack of night rest stops the production of growth hormones responsible for the renewal of the body ".

The last stage was the restoration of the normal Sleep patterns. Sara slept at least 8 hours a day and the result did not take long to wait. After a week, skin problems disappeared and the woman became less irritable.

Sara chalmers

Doctors argue that lack of sleep can cause more serious consequences, including diabetes.

Sara chalmers

And remember - daytime sleep will not be able to compensate you for the hours you did not sleep at night. So stay up late so that your body gets a full rest!