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Cakes for lavash rolls

Lavash roll - Easy to prepare and delicious appetizer. Fillings for this dish can be chosen absolutely any, since pita bread is well combined with meat, fish, vegetables and even salads. Such a roll can be served as both a cold snack and a hot dish.

"so simple!" Offers you 20 variants of the most delicious fillings for lavash roll. It's great that they can be used for other dishes!

The best toppings from simple ingredients

  1. Crab sticks, a few cloves of garlic, boiled egg, grated cheese and greens. Fill it all with mayonnaise.
  2. Cottage cheese, a few cloves of garlic, greens, salt to taste, mayonnaise.
  3. Cottage cheese, hard cheese, fresh cucumber, a few cloves of garlic, greens, salt to taste.
  4. Champignons fried with onions, greens, melted cheese.
  5. Red fish, fresh cucumber and greens.
  6. Adyghe cheese, Korean carrots and greens. Season with mayonnaise.
  7. Canned fish in oil, hard cheese, greens.
  8. Boiled rice, boiled egg, greens, mayonnaise.
  9. Ham, hard cheese, fresh cucumber, clove of garlic, mayonnaise.
  10. Boiled eggs, Korean carrots, smoked sausage, mayonnaise.
  11. Fresh cucumber, carrots, smoked sausage or meat, greens, mayonnaise.
  12. Fried onions and bell peppers, smoked meat or sausage, greens, mayonnaise.
  13. Fried minced meat, hard cheese, fried onions and bell peppers.
  14. Carrots, beets, cloves of garlic, walnuts, mayonnaise.
  15. Mushrooms, fried with onions, hard cheese, boiled eggs, greens.
  16. Processed cheese, onion, garlic, black pepper.
  17. Roasted chicken liver, fatty cream, salt and pepper. Grind the ingredients in a blender and put for a couple of minutes in the microwave.
  18. Fried onion, garlic, bell pepper, eggplant, tomatoes. Turn into a homogeneous mass in a blender.
  19. Boiled shrimp, garlic clove and butter.
  20. Herring, cucumber, eggs, mayonnaise.

Lavash roll

such Snacks Perfect for a normal picnic, and forFestive table. Thanks to a lot of toppings, you can always surprise your guests with new variations of lavash roll. This dish is prepared very quickly and always turns out very tasty!

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