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Canape on skewers

The buffet has become a very fashionable phenomenon now. Because popularity has also acquired a variety of small snacks that can be picked up without fear of getting dirty, very attractive in appearance and, in addition, delicious. Prepare small Canapé sandwiches On skewers - a win-win option. They win the attention of the guests at once, the variety of options for such snacks allows everyone to choose a sandwich with the most favorite taste. Cook with pleasure!


Canapé on skewers

  1. Unpretentious option: Cheese, olives, ham (sausage).
  2. Olives and several types of cheese (Solid, yellow and brynza).
  3. Sandwich with smoked sausage
    Buy small sausage in diameter, thinly cut. The top can be decorated with pieces of potatoes boiled in a uniform.
  4. Canapé with herring
    Cut small greens and mix with butter. Smear bread with a mixture of butter and greens, put a piece of herring on top, then - a slice of lemon and onions.
  5. With bacon and prunes
    Thin slices of bacon, toasted and stuffed with prunes nachili on skewers.
  6. Cheese in ham
    Here the products are very simple and it's all about decorating. The ham must be cut thinly and in a long slice, so that it turns a few times around the cheese.
  7. Shrimp with a slice of mango
    Shrimp with a slice of mango inside, pickledIn a sauce with red sweet pepper and olive oil ... it turns out very colorfully on the table and is appetizing. Pieces of mango beforehand a little saute in olive oil.
  8. Canapé with pickled shrimps
    Mix 2 tbsp. L. Vegetable oil, 2 tbsp. L. Wine vinegar, chopped garlic clove, salt, black ground pepper. In this mixture boiled shrimp should lie for 30-40 minutes. Then prikoli skewer shrimp to a slice of cucumber or celery.
  9. With mozzarella or brynza
    Feta cheese cut into pieces and pour for a couple of hoursIn a mixture of olive oil, hot red pepper and dry basil. Cubes of bread can be lightly fried and sprinkled with a mixture in which the cheese was marinated. Now collect the canapé in this order: a piece of Bulgarian pepper, bread, cucumber, cheese, cherry tomato.
  10. Canapé with salmon and greens on skewers
    Put the butter on the toast. For the beauty of only one side of the oil laid out lemon (or cucumber), on top of a twig of greenery and in the end - the fillet of salmon. Clip it all with a skewer.

These easy recipes even read very tempting, you just want to cook. Let it work out for you Delicious snacks!! Tell your friends about these wonderful canapé recipes.