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Exercises to correct posture

Every girl at least once in her life dreams of being a queen. That's just one crown on the vertex will not be enough.

So that people, noticing your approach, whispered andAdmiringly said: "The queen is coming!" You need to take care of your posture first. Because if you slouch and even lower your head - the crown will definitely fall.

But we just do not need it, do not you agree? So, we develop a beautiful Royal posture In just 3 minutes a day.

The main thing that you should pay attention to is breathing. Do not forget to breathe, otherwise the effectiveness of these exercises will be minimal!

Exercise for posture

If you select only 3 minutes for these exercisesPer day, the results will be simply stunning. You will improve your mood, you will have a feeling of cheerfulness, work capacity will increase, headaches will disappear, they will strengthen Back muscles, And most importantly - the posture will become elegant and truly royal.

And already nothing can drop the crown (albeit imaginary) from your head! Tell your friends about the benefits of these exercises. Health - first of all, and let the whole world wait!