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Recipes of light salads

Do not need to give up dinner! Just make it Easy, So that it is both tasty, useful and Low-calorie. Here are five surprisingly simple salad recipes with an amazing taste. Try, you just like it!

Light salads

  1. Brynza + green onion + lettuce leaves + radish. Season with sauce from sour cream and dill.
  2. light salad

  3. Apples + spinach + walnuts + celery. Season with sauce from olive oil, sour cream and grain mustard.
  4. light salad

  5. Young cabbage + cucumbers + boiled eggs. Season with sauce from vegetable oil and parsley.
  6. light salad

  7. Chicken-grill + cherry tomatoes + cucumbers + lettuce leaves + green onions. Season with sauce from vegetable oil, parsley and lemon juice.
  8. light salad

  9. Avocado + apple + lime + kiwi. Season with a sauce of honey, mint and nuts.
  10. light salad

As you can see, these salads are made up of very Useful products. Such a dinner will not only help you maintain the harmony of the figure, it will strengthen your health. However, with salads with such inviting sauces you want not only to have supper.

Please your friends with these culinary findings!