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How to cook cutlets

It would seem that the difficult thing is to Cook burgers? However, for some reason, someone is falling apart,Someone on the contrary, get too dense, not always mistresses guess the right proportions, the ratio of products in cutlets ... these tips will help you prepare the dish so that it will not be ashamed to serve even on the festive table! Fineness of cooking cutlets, which you did not think about before.

Delicious cutlets

How to cook delicious cutlets

  1. To make the cutlets juicy
    You know why they were disgustingly tastelessSoviet cutlery cutlets? Because they put too much bread and breadcrumbs in them, but they saved on meat and took it from the hard parts of the carcass. If you want to get delicious cutlets, do not buy ready-made stuffing of dubious origin. Expensive beef tenderloin can not be purchased, but the back, cervix, scapula, brisket and some parts of the back leg will fit perfectly.

    before as Run the fillet into a meat grinder, Do not forget to thoroughly clean it - remove the film, remove the cartilage, bones and veins. In addition to beef chefs recommend using fat pork - it will give the cutlets juiciness and tenderness.

    Standard proportion: For 1 kg of beef - 1/2 kg of pork or 1 kg of beef - 250 g of fat. However, cutlets can be made from mutton, veal, chicken, turkey, game. The degree of grinding choose any, but experts advise not to overdo it and confine itself to a single scrolling in a meat grinder with an average grate size.

  2. Is it necessary to add an egg?
    Of course, it is necessary. The main thing is not to go too far with eggs and use no more than 2-3 pieces per 1 kg of meat, otherwise the cutlets will turn out to be tough. Onions for the same amount will require about 200 g, preferably - previously rescued and chilled, because the raw may not have time to be fried and give the cutlets a sharpish taste. If you like fresh, grind it simultaneously with minced meat.
  3. Bread is an essential component
    Do not think that there was bread in the recipe out of a desire to save money. Without a crumb you will have a kebab lulya, not a juicy little bit. exactly Soaked bread Helps to make cutlets more soft and tender.

    Of course, it's important to keep the right proportion. It looks like this: for 1 kg of meat - 250 grams of white bread and 300-400 grams of milk or water (if you make chicken cutlets, bread and eggs will be needed less).

    Use yesterday's or a little dried loaf. Remove all the crusts from it, cut into pieces and soak in cold milk or water. As soon as the crumb swells, carefully mix it with your hands and mix it with the rest of the stuffing. Part of the bread can be replaced with grated potatoes, pumpkin or other vegetables.

    The resulting mince is also good to decorate with spices(Paprika, black pepper, coriander, chili) and chopped herbs (dill, parsley, coriander, mint). Do not forget to salt the future dish, but do not try it raw at all (tasting mincemeat is the most common cause of poisoning among housewives).

  4. Correct breading
    A bowl of prepared minced meat should preferably be closedFilm and clean for half an hour in the fridge so that the bread has absorbed the meat juices. Then once again carefully mix the mass, whipping it with your hands and saturating the air. At the very end, some cooks are advised to add a handful of crushed ice for the juiciness of the dish. Then wet your hands in cold water and start To sculpt cutlets.

    If desired, you can cover them with breadcrumbs - underGolden crust forcemeat will remain more juicy. Most experts do not trust store breadcrumbs and recommend doing them yourself - for this you just have to grind white bread in a blender. Then roll in the resulting crumbs cutlets and send them to a skillet. As a breading, you can also use sesame seeds, small bread straws, flour and lezones.

    The last is 3 eggs, slightly whipped with salt and 1-2 tbsp. Spoons of milk or water. Cutlets are first dumped in flour, then in a lezoneson and only then covered with bread crumbs.

  5. Frying characteristics
    at Roasting cutlets There is nothing difficult, the main thing is to put them on a hot skillet with hot oil (better - melted creamy), so that the minced meat "grabbed", a crust formed and the dish did not break up into pieces.

    In addition, keep the distance between the flat cakes: if you place a mountain of cutlets on one vessel, they will quickly start the juice and start to stew, and not to be fried.

    Once the golden crust appears, you canReduce heat and cook under the lid. Frequent turning the cutlet is better not to torment (it is desirable to do it a couple of times), but far from the frying pan do not go away, otherwise instead of a juicy meat dish you will get the embers. However, you can refuse to fry and put out cakes or cook them for a couple.

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