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Edible ideas for the New Year

We all look forward to the new year. It is necessary to start preparing for this holiday: Creative ideas For home, recipes and gifts for loved ones. So that the celebration is remembered for all your guests, I offer you some ideas how you can decorate the New Year's table and even decorate the house with food. It's all very simple!

How to decorate a New Year's table?

  1. Fruit tree
    Cut the bottom of the apple for its stability, from above attach the carrots. Stick them with toothpicks. On these "twigs", string strawberries, grapes, kiwi slices and other berries and fruits.
  2. Fruit tree

  3. Penguins from olives
    You'll need olives, cream cheese, carrots and a bit of your time.
  4. Penguins from olives

  5. Banana dog
    A little fancy and a normal banana can turn into such a wonderful dog.
  6. Banana dog

  7. Unusual mandarins
    They will not only look original, but they will fill your house with a unique smell.
  8. Tangerines with carnations

  9. Strawberry grandfathers frosts
    From a fresh strawberry and whipped cream it is possible to prepare such grandfather of a frost.
  10. Santa Claus Strawberry

  11. Snowmen from eggs
    You need a few boiled eggs, carrots and black peppers.
  12. Snowmen from eggs

  13. A wreath of apples and an apple cup
    Such a wreath will look very festive, and an apple cup will create coziness.
  14. Apples

  15. Marmalade New Year's wreath
    You need to find a foam ring, and then use toothpicks to thread on it jelly. The foam can be replaced with a pretzel.
  16. Marmalade wreath

  17. Snack "Santa's bag of frost"
    Pour the curd cheese with garlic into the salmon fillet. Tie a bag with green onions.
  18. Pouch of fish

  19. Christmas tree from dried fruits
    Lay the dried fruits in a decorative wicker basket in rows.
  20. Christmas tree from dried fruits

  21. Snowman from watermelon
    Watermelon for the new year is difficult to find, so apply a little imagination and replace it with another fruit.
  22. Snowman from watermelon

  23. Cheese tree
    An interesting idea for serving cheese sliced. You can combine several types of cheeses.
  24. Cheese tree

Include fantasy and turn every dish on your festive table in piece of art. Your guests will be delighted with so creative ideas!

If you liked such decorations of the table and at home, share them with your friends!