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Berries that treat cancer

This message is like an explosion: it seems that scientists have finally discovered a cure for cancer!! Are millions of sick people around the world finally going to have hope of recovery?

The means in question are miraculous berries,Growing only in the north-eastern part of Australia. Their medicinal properties were revealed by pure chance, but physicians believe that the effectiveness of wild tropical berries is superior to all medicines known to this day. The drug has already been tested in patients with cancer patients. Fontainea picrosperma - This is the name of a berry that can kill cancer.

Berries against cancer


A group of researchers noted that animals withPleasure to eat juicy berries, and bones - necessarily spit out. Do animals spit out bones ?! The scientists wanted to know the reason for this at all costs, and their efforts were rewarded. In the bones of berries found substances that destroy cancer at a tremendous speed. Why they are not eaten by animals is still an open question.


For subsequent tests, a berry extract was used. The drug was given the working name ebc 46.


This dog had a severe form of tumor. Already after 15 days of regular administration of the drug from a terrible disease there is no trace left! Scientists was terribly surprised by the speed with which the medicine affects the living organism: after 5 minutes after the introduction of the extract from the bones, the tumor became slightly smaller.

Cancer dog

Also, a new medicine was tested on a sick person and very successfully. Suffering from Melanoma skin The woman was cured with the help of this drug!


It is known that a medicine from miracle berries is effective at the primary stage of cancer, when metastases have not yet spread throughout the body.


The manufacture of a gracious medicine by all meansShould be optimized, and now scientists are working on it. A new active drug against a terrible disease - a chance to recover and continue life for many people! Send this wonderful message to your friends - we hope that soon the cancer will be truly defeated.