/ How to prepare a chop

How to prepare a chop

For many people who welcome meat dishes in their diets, the chop is the most favorite food. Due to the high protein content and the fact that Meat for chops It is usually quite fibrous, saturation after eating this dish comes immediately. And then you do not want to eat long enough ...

But what about the taste! after all chop, Which is cooked correctly - it's a very, very delicious, fragrant dish.

Here is the scheme of cooking the most correct chop. Adhere to these simple recommendations, and you will get a meat dish, filling with bliss everyone who tries it.

How to cook a chop

  1. Cut a piece of meat, 1-1.5 cm thick. If there is a bone - cut it.
  2. Beat off the meat - better through the film, so as not to tear the future chop. So that the meat does not lose weight, before it slightly sprinkle it with cold water.
  3. If there is an uncleaned edge of fat, then on itMake cuts so that it does not shrink when frying. You can fry just as it is, only pepper, and in the lezones (that is, having dipped in flour and in the beaten egg and salt). You can fry a chop and in batter, mixed from equal proportions of milk, eggs and flour, with the addition of salt.

    If you decide to cook a chop without batter, salt necessarily a piece of meat at the end of a large salt, otherwise the chop will be dry.

  4. Fry in a normal, well-heated frying pan,Best of all on a quality smaltse (put it not immediately, but when the frying pan heats up). If it does not, you can take a mixture of butter and vegetable, in a proportion of 2 to 1. One butter can burn heavily, and vegetable is poorly combined with fried pork meat.
  5. so, Chop in the lezones: Dip the meat into the flour, then into the beaten egg,Lay out on a frying pan. Gently flatten, so that the meat is fried evenly, fry from 2 sides for 1-2 minutes. Then put in a preheated oven to 180-200 degrees, where you bring the dish to the ready for 7-10 minutes.
  6. When a piece of chiffchaff is formed on meat, this is a sure sign that cooking is complete! Take the dish out of the oven, grease with butter for more shine and serve with garnish.
  7. Chop on a plate

Chic dish turns out! Try the chop on this recipe, you will be pleased with the result. Experiment with garnishes and sauces - from what you combine such a noble dish as a chop, depends on how the taste of the meat itself will be perceived.

Prepare with inspiration and remember that the right recipe is half way to success! Came to their friends this chop recipe, perhaps this is what they have been looking for.