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Recipes in pictures

Look at these pictures and wonder how simplePrepare difficult at first glance dishes. I would decorate the entire kitchen with such wonderful instructions! In the accessible form of a childlike, cute drawing recipes seem understandable even to those who are incredibly far from culinary affairs.

All who Learns to cook, Will certainly be delighted with such bright recipes. Now you do not need to read thick Talmud books on cooking or look for suitable culinary sites. Looked at the picture - and everything is clear! Glance through the open versions of famous recipes and choose what you would like to implement.

Recipes in pictures


chicken soup

Soup recipe

Second courses

Liver with apples

Pork in honey

Beef in wine

Omelet recipe

Pancakes with bacon

Chicken in bacon

Recipe for pilaf



the vinaigrette

Salad recipe

Champignons in sour cream

Recipe for sandwiches

Potato pizza

Burger recipe




pie recipe

Sweet bread

Baked apples


Homemade yogurt

Flakes with apple

Lemons in sugar

Cookies with predictions


Vegetable juices

Carbonated pomegranate juice

space shuttle

What recipe did you most admire? I like this Recipe for pilaf In such an accessible form, and also a large selection of desserts. Baking always seems something incomprehensibly difficult, and the pictures show how everything can be done very easily.

Please friends with this culinary find! The creatively pictured recipes are worth sharing. The kitchen is a kind of art!