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Recipes of useful cocktails

Everyone who is interested in issues of healthy nutrition, came across recipes for fruit and vegetable cocktails - smoothies. They are among the most simple and healthy dishes.

Smoothies Can fully replace one meal, because it consists of products that you need to eat in a boiled or fresh form. cocktail - just the form of its preparation."so simple!" Prepared for you 4 recipes for healthy cocktails that can be charged with energy for the whole day.

4 useful smoothies

Vegetable smoothies

Strawberry smoothies

Blueberry smoothies

Banana smoothie

These 4 recipes will help you stay on a hard day. Do not be afraid of any physical and mental stress!

A huge plus of such cocktails - they absolutely will not harm your health. It's quite the opposite: you will recharge your body with healthy food, and the brain with energy!

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