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Gymnastics for the eyes

Glasses or contact lenses already no oneYou will surprise, on the contrary, the person with 100% vision is more likely an exception, rather than a rule. And while scientists and representatives of medicine are trying to find new methods for restoring vision, let's turn to effective, but undeservedly forgotten exercises that can be done not only at home, but also at work. What is needed for this? A little desire and faith in the result! Shall we begin?

Exercises to maintain and correct vision

Gymnastics for the eyes

  1. butterfly
    Quickly and easily blink for 1-2 minutes. Rapid movements of eyelashes should remotely resemble the fluttering of a butterfly, a dragonfly or, at worst, a bumblebee. A very effective exercise that improves blood circulation and helps the eye muscles relax.
  2. Dot on the glass
    Roll a small ball of plasticine and stick to it.glass. Stand on such a distance, on which it can be clearly seen without much effort. Choose a distant object outside the window and start practicing. A few seconds, look into the distance, then look at the point. If you do it regularly, the distant object will cease to resemble the "hedgehog in the fog", but become clearer, which indicates a better vision.
  3. Blindfolders
    Sit down straight and relax as much as possible (most importantly, do notFall asleep in the workplace). Close your eyes tightly for 5-10 seconds, and then widely open them. Repeat 8-10 times. This warm-up strengthens the muscles of the eyelids, improves blood circulation, helps relax the eye muscles.
  4. massage
    Choose a convenient position. Easily press on the upper eyelids with the three fingers of each hand for 1-2 seconds. Repeat 3-5 times. This massage improves the circulation of the aqueous humor.
  5. hydromassage
    Find the morning and evening time for water treatments. In the morning, start flushing your eyes first with very warm water (most comfortable) and then with cold water. Before going to bed do the procedure in reverse order: wash your eyes first with cold water, then warm.
  6. Palming
    If you feel that your eyes are tired - close themFor a few minutes and try to imagine something pleasant. It also helps to relieve stress palming for the eyes. Vigorously for a few seconds rub your hands on each other and cover your eyes with warm palms. Watch that the fingers of both hands cross in the middle of the forehead. The effect of this exercise is immediately apparent.
  7. Shooting eyes (keep your head straight)
  8. Gymnastics for the eyes

  • Look maximum up (to the ceiling or to the sky), and then maximally down (under the feet);
  • Slowly draw with the eyes of the circle clockwise and back;
  • Draw diagonally with your eyes (maximally looking away);
  • With the greatest amplitude, draw a square with a look;
  • Keep an eye on the arc (maximally convex and concave);
  • Draw a huge diamond look;
  • Then draw the largest bows;
  • Draw a letter s (in vertical and horizontal position);
  • Devils with eyes vertical arcs (clockwise and counterclockwise);
  • Look from one corner to the other on the diagonals of the imaginary square;
  • Pupils of the pupils to the bridge of the nose (this is best achieved if you bring your finger to the nose);
  • Often blink for centuries, as in the first exercise. This helps to relax muscles as much as possible after such a small charge.

If you work at a computer, the complexExercises will help not only to remove eye fatigue, but also to correct vision. Share these simple exercises with your colleagues and friends! It is really possible to restore vision!