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Natural air flavors

Everyone would like to have a nice smell at home. But chemical Air fresheners, Which we are advertised from all sides, it is difficult to call healthy. Besides, they can cause allergic reactions. And I want the smell to be not only pleasant but also delicious.

"so simple!" Offers to make you natural flavors of air with your own hands. They are much healthier and will definitely be yours Cheer up.

  1. Oranges, cinnamon, cloves and anise
    A perfect winter smell that will create a cozyAtmosphere in your house. Cut orange slices, add 8-10 buds of a carnation, a few cinnamon sticks and a few anise stars. You can change the amount of this or that ingredient depending on the desired odor. Fill it with water.
    Oranges and cinnamon
  2. Lemon, rosemary and vanilla
    Cut the lemon in circles or slices. Put it in a jar, add a couple drops of vanilla extract and 3-4 sprigs of rosemary. Fill it with water.
    Lemon and vanilla
  3. Lime, thyme, mint and vanilla extract
    Cut lime in circles, add a few drops of vanilla extract, a few twigs of thyme and mint. Fill it with water.
  4. Orange, ginger and almonds
    The orange must be cut into circles andPut it in the jar. There is no difference what kind of ginger you will use - whether it is fresh or in powder. The essence of almonds can be bought at most stores. Fill it with water.
    Orange and ginger
  5. Needles, nutmeg and bay leaves
    Put in a can of sprigs of spruce and a few laurelLeaflets. Break them so that the fragrance is stronger. Nutmeg is better to take whole, then it will have a more saturated smell. Nuts need to be grated.
    Needles in the can

So that the mixture begins to give its flavor, it needsWarm up. Use for this fondue stand, heaters for dummies with candles or conventional batteries. These cans can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. Prepare several jars and use different Aromas Under your mood.

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