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How singing affects the brain

Singing is not just art and entertainment. It is a medicine that has no equal! Psychologists say: people who sing a lot live much longer than others. All the health benefits remain in effect irrespective of what type of performance the person practices. Singing alone, to music in headphones and without, singing in the choir, in the company of friends, professional Vocals, Arias during the adoption of the soul - all equally useful.

Voice is the ideal musical instrument, given by nature: it is always with you. Here are a few reasons to sing more often, even if you have completely no hearing and a sense of rhythm.

The benefit of singing

Children sing

  1. Increase in the level of endorphins
    Singing acts on the brain in much the same way asOrgasm or a chocolate bar. When a person sings, the zones responsible for pleasure are excited in the brain. Hormones of happiness are allocated - endorphins, and after all they are so important for the general state of health.
  2. More energy
    When a person sings, he becomes more energetic. Lethargy disappears in a second!
  3. Free training of the lungs
    Singing trains the lungs, contributes to saturationBlood oxygen. In addition, the muscles involved in the singing process - abdominal muscles, diaphragm, intercostal muscles - are significantly strengthened. The singers have a strong press!
  4. Stress relief
    Singing lowers stress levels. People singing in the choir or in the amateur ensemble, feel more protected, socially prosperous, successful. To win over depression, it's worth singing!
  5. Airway cleansing
    With the help of singing, there is a natural cleansing of the respiratory tract. Diseases of the nose and throat for singers are not terrible: the probability of escaping from sinusitis decreases, if you like to sing.
  6. The man is singing in the bathroom

  7. Natural neurostimulator
    For the central nervous system and brain singingHas great value. As well as any activity with creativity, singing contributes to more intensive brain work, strengthening of neural connections, as well as intensive "inclusion" of a person in the thought process.

Even those suffering from Alzheimer's disease are old,Constantly forgetting simple words, sing with pleasure and often remember by heart dear hits! If you are in search of a hobby, singing in the choir is a great way to spend time with health benefits.

Sing in the car, at home, hum along the way to work - cheap therapy of diseases of the nervous system. Invite friends to tighten their favorite table and tell them about the undeniable The benefits of singing!!