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Tips for a Japanese doctor

Every doctor has his own particular view of health and medicine in general. And it's beautiful! A variety of opinions gives birth to new ideas.

Dr. Vong is a Japanese specialist with a unique point of view on how to maintain his health. His speech at the World Symposium Doctors-nutritionists Made a sensation.

We give a short interview thatWill demonstrate a simple truth: everything must be treated with ease and humor, then things will definitely go well! Imagine that you have an appointment with a doctor whose judgments can not be called traditional.

Japanese doctor

Doctor's advice

Doctor, I heard that exercises to strengthen the cardiovascular system Prolong life. it's true?

Your heart is made to fight. Like any body, it wears out over time. If you make your heart beat faster, it does not mean that it will last you longer! Increasing the speed when driving a car is foolish to expect an increase in its service life. Do you want to live longer? Take a nap.

Should I drink less alcohol if I want to strengthen my health and protect myself from diseases?

Wine is made from fruits, beer is made from malt, hops andYeast. Even brandy is made from grape wine. Imagine how many useful substances pass you by, if you refuse an extra glass?

How to calculate the ratio of fat and muscle in the body? Here I have a little too much, and I'm worried ...

You have a body and is fat, the ratio is 1: 1. If you had two bodies, the ratio would be 2: 1, I think so.

Name the benefits of regular exercise. It's so useful - constant training!

My philosophy is simple. If after charging you have nothing hurts - this is already a plus.

Is it so damn fried food? I'm afraid to even imagine breakfast without eggs.

You do not listen to me at all! From what do vegetable oil? I do not understand how a plant product can be harmful!

You agree that chocolate is poison in its pure form?

Cocoa beans - fruit seeds Chocolate tree. I'm sure that this is a powerful resource for well-being, like any other seeds!

I was carried away by swimming. Many experts believe that this is extremely useful for the figure! Do you share this opinion?

But what about whales? They swim constantly, but where is the result?

Supporting myself in good physical shape, I hope for health benefits. What kind of sports do you do?

Circle is also a form! I in the form do not doubt.

Give a valuable tip to all who are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Life should not be a sad journey to the graveWith the intention to keep the body attractive and healthy until the last days. I see it like this: in one hand - a glass of Chardonnay, in the other - chocolate, the body has aged, but I rush and exclaim: "this is an adventure!"

Interesting Facts

  1. The Japanese use very little fat and suffer less from heart attacks than the British.
  2. Mexicans eat a lot of fat and suffer less from heart attacks than the British.
  3. The Chinese drink very little red wine and suffer less from heart attacks than the British.
  4. Italians drink a lot of red wine and suffer less from heart attacks than the British.
  5. Germans drink a lot of beer, eat a lot of sausages and fatty foods, but suffer less from heart attacks than the British.

A reasonable approach is needed for everything! Some people are so addicted Recovery, That they forget to live at the same time. But life is inexorably passing ... that's what Dr. Vong is trying to say in this humorous interview.

Do not go to extremes - let yourselfPleasures sometimes, taking care of health should not turn your life into a dull existence! If you share the opinion of this extraordinary character from the world of medicine, share the article with your friends.