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Spicy food prolongs life

Reaching the line in 90 years, you will become the most real long-livers! To this many people aspire, Secrets of longevity Are very popular. Advise different techniques: saturation of the body with oxygen - regular walks; Development of the brain with the help of solving crossword puzzles and intense chess games; More cereals and fish in the diet, so that the omega-3 fatty acids are present in the body in excess.

Previously it was believed that Spicy food There is harmful: It leads to sleep disorders, increased secretion of sweat and sebaceous glands, does not have a very good effect on the pancreas. But scientists suspected that the secret of the longevity of the inhabitants of China and India is the regular use of spices. These facts make us reconsider our attitude to the sharp products ...

How to prolong life

hot peppers

fresh chilli - the leader among useful spicy spices. He needs to give preference: in the fresh pepper there is not only capsaicin, but also vitamin c. Capsaicin - alkaloid, which due to its powerful burning action is able to destroy malignant cells.

If you like to season your usual dishesChili pepper, you are less likely to die from cancer. In the course of experiments conducted by scientists it was found that in the most advantageous position there are people who eat hot chili almost every day: 4-6 times a week. The inhabitants of India and China are terribly lucky: the spicy for them is as familiar and indispensable as for us - salt.

hot peppers

Almost half a million Chinese adults participated in theResearches of scientists. The subjects carefully filled in questionnaires with indicators of their health - in what state was their cardiovascular system, how often they drank alcohol, smoked and ate sweets, and also how many times a week the participants at the experiment ate spicy food. Among those who constantly used acute, the risk of mortality was lower by as much as 14%!

Everything that goes to health benefits us! This article does not call you with a big spoon to add spicy spices to your favorite buckwheat porridge. But several times a week you can feast on your own prepared Tabasco sauce from fresh chili pepper, filled with boiling water, tomatoes, onions, garlic, ground black pepper and vinegar. Mix all the ingredients in the blender, and the natural hot sauce is ready! It will strengthen your health and prolong your life.

The genes of Methuselah, the most famous biblical old man, who rejoiced over the sky for 969 years, is everyone's. Show your friends an article about The benefits of spicy food - wish all the long years of life!