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How to breathe correctly

Breathing is a natural mechanism that worksWithout our conscious participation. It would seem, how can you breathe wrong? You live - that means you breathe! The modern rhythm of life makes people constantly rush, nervous, frequent stress and a sedentary lifestyle - the main enemies of healthy breathing.

In a state of anxiety, fear, in distortionSpine and smoking, breathing becomes superficial, intermittent, too frequent or vice versa - rare. We do not even use the volume of our lungs by half, according to pulmonologists, by only 20%.

If you have frequent yawning, gnashing of teeth at night, pain in the shoulders and neck, a stable sense of fatigue - you are breathing wrong, these are characteristic Signs of oxygen starvation. Time to fix the situation!

How to breathe properly

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In just one month you can learn how to breathe, howThe real long-livers of our planet are elephants and giant turtles. It is enough to follow certain moments. Remember that breathing is what binds the body and spirit!

  1. In no case do not slouch!
    You need to breathe with the help of a diaphragm. Put one hand on your stomach, and the other on your chest. Right breathing will leave your hand on the chest motionless, and the hand on the abdomen will go inside - this means that the diaphragm and intercostal muscles work.
  2. Breathe your nose!
    Try to always breathe through your nose. So you not only moisten the air before getting into the lungs, but also protect the body from getting into the pathogenic bacteria. Use your mouth only during sports training, when you need to grab more air - for example, during running.
  3. Do not overdo it
    Do not inhale too deeply - breathing should be smooth, harmonious, comfortable. Too deep breathing can cause dizziness.
  4. Pause
    Inhale, exhale, a short break - the standard scheme of healthy breathing. This helps to monitor the frequency and not breathe too intensively.
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  6. Do not depend
    Sometimes, in states of strong concentration -Most often during a mental load - we hold our breath, without realizing it ourselves. Watch for yourself. "Hold your breath" - means to bring down the natural rhythm, try to remove this effect.
  7. Read aloud!
    The best way to practice healthy breathing is to read out loud. Besides, it's so nice!
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These simple principles will help you to revitalize the body andmind. The technique of correct breathing is constantly used in yoga, you can practice an easy exercise for a quick recovery. Very well it relieves anxiety. Breathe in, hold your breath for a while. Exhale, and again make a brief pause. It is very useful to exhale 2 times longer than the inspiration during this practice of relaxation. A rush of energy and strength you will feel instantly!

Improve the quality of life through Correct breathing, As you can see, this is not so difficult. Devote to these important secrets of friends - show them our article, breathing is life!