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Coffee ice cream

do you think ice cream The most delicious dessert in the world? Then you surely tried to cook it yourself. Some home-made ice cream recipes seem very complex, and cooking takes a lot of time and energy. But not this one ...

In this video you'll see how to cook The best dessert In the world, using just 3 simple ingredients! You need 3 tablespoons of instant coffee, half a cup of condensed milk and 600 ml of creamy cream.

Coffee ice cream

First you need to dilute coffee Several tablespoons of water, thenAdd coffee to the condensed milk and mix thoroughly. Then mix together the coffee with condensed milk and cream and whisk. Put the cooked mass in the fridge, and after a few hours enjoy the unique taste of homemade ice cream!

looks very tasty! Such coffee ice cream will not leave anyone indifferent. But I, perhaps, will run for cream and condensed milk ... are you with me?

And tell your friends how to make the best dessert in the world!