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Baked eggs

If you are tired of fried eggs, there is a great alternative! Baked eggs - a cunning dish. It not only differs in flavoring qualities from all other dishes from eggs, simplicity of cooking - that's what amazes.

All you need is fresh eggs, roundMolds for cakes and a preheated oven. Watch carefully how to cook delicious baked eggs, to taste not similar to any other dish from eggs. This man invented incredibly Easy way of cooking, Something it resembles a recipe for poached eggs, but there are no complications in the recipe.

Baked eggs

The master knows his business - this man easily prepared At the same time a dozen eggs. It was only necessary to add a spoonful of water to the bottom of the mold to make the eggs perfect. Only 10 minutes in a preheated oven - and a delicacy can be served to the table! Try and you this way of cooking a traditional French dish.

you can do it Tender yolk, Similar to a cream surrounded by Petals of dense protein. Please your loved ones with an unusual breakfast to arrange a small holiday without any reason.

Tell everyone about this method of cooking French delicacy - The hostesses will appreciate the recipe, which does not require any effort.