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How to determine the state of the body by language

Language is a unique part of the body that is soIs necessary for each of us. With its help we communicate, eat food, maintain oral health and even can learn about the state of the whole organism. Looking at the tongue, an experienced doctor can tell you about how the environment, diet and lifestyle affect the state of your body. If you have a mirror near your hand - you can use it right now and find out the truth about your health!

Healthy language

The color of a "healthy" tongue is always evenly pink,And the organ itself is moist, without plaque, spots, grooves and sores. This indicates that the stomach and digestive system are healthy and function well in the process of digesting food.


  1. Light white
    Such language indicates problems with the liverOr gastrointestinal tract. Because one of these signs is impossible to establish an exact diagnosis (it can be both reduced acidity and stomach ulcer), it is better to see a doctor.
  2. Thick white coating
    If your tongue is covered with a thick layer of whitePlaque is a bad sign that some systems in the body can not fully exercise their physiological functions in maintaining health. So it can mean the presence of a viral infection.
  3. yellow
    This kind of plaque indicates a disease of the liver or gall bladder. It can also be a sign of food stagnation in the body and poor digestion.
  4. Unevenly colored, grooved tongue
    "Geographic" language is a sure signGastrointestinal diseases. If the grooves are so deep that they look like cracks - this indicates an increased sugar content in the blood. To establish the exact diagnosis the doctor will help.

Color of the tongue

  1. Pale white tongue
    Language of white or pale color - most likelyA sign of problems associated with the digestive system. This color of the body is often accompanied by a loose stool, cold hands or feet, fatigue or bloating.

    Extremely pale, dry tongue can alsoIndicate a shortage of blood, which is usually accompanied by a sense of anxiety, dizziness, memory impairment, insomnia, cracked lips or anemia.

  2. Red tongue
    The bright red language almost always indicatesPresence of infection in the body. Red dots in the tongue may indicate a temperature or inflammation in the blood. In children, an immune response to infection can thus be manifested. Dark red color - a sign of problems with the kidneys or intoxication of the body.
  3. Tongue with a red tip
    The tip of the tongue is also known as the heart region. Given this fact, the red tip of the tongue without any signs of illness can indicate emotional upheavals.
  4. Tongue, red around the edges
    This color of language indicates an excessiveConsumption of spicy or fatty foods, as well as alcohol. Even according to oriental medicine, the same result can be the result of a long-standing anger or resentment.
  5. Purple
    Most often this color is caused by a deficiency of vitamin B2. Also can be observed in women who have very complex menstrual cycles or in people experiencing chronic pain.
  6. Cyanotic tongue
    If you have a cyanotic tongue - this is a signal in urgentOrder to see a doctor. It indicates that an insufficient amount of oxygen enters the tissue. Can also be a sign of the development of heart disease, damaged blood vessels, heart or respiratory tract dysfunction.
  7. Yellow language
    If the yellowness of the tongue does not pass a long time, then it is a sign of liver or gallbladder disease. The front part of the yellow tongue is a sure sign of hepatitis.
  8. Greenish tongue
    A dark or greenish coating can appear with a strong poisoning of the body, including alcohol.

In Chinese medicine argue that the languageIs a continuation of the heart, therefore it is necessary for everyone to monitor its condition. Remember that for any abnormalities or poor health, you should always seek help from qualified specialists! Share this article with your friends. They probably also want to make the diagnosis of the body yourself!