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Toast with grilled cheese

Fried toast With tea is a wonderful and beloved breakfast. And if you combine them with cheese, they generally will not be priced. If you are a fan of such snacks, see how to make the most delicious toast in the world. You'll be crazy about this crunchy sandwich!

How to make fried toast with cheese


Firstly, the cheese on the grater. Then heat the frying pan and melt a piece of butter. Then put two slices of bread in the pan and one of them generously sprinkle with grated cheese. When the bread is slightly fried, cover a piece of bread and cheese with another piece and sprinkle it with cheese. After a while turn it over and sprinkle the toast with cheese on the other side. When the cheese melts, you can enjoy the taste of freshly prepared toast. See more in the video!

looks very tasty! Try to cook for yourself such toasts for breakfast and you will cook them always, because their crispy crust will not leave you indifferent!