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How to make jelly bears

If your children adore Jelly bears, You have the opportunity to please them! Now you can prepare this delicacy yourself, which will not differ in any way from the teddy bears. Except in the home there will be much less chemistry! Simple ingredients and a completely uncomplicated cooking will make these sweets your favorite!

Jelly bears


  • Colorless gelatin
  • Ready-made mixtures for jellies of different flavors
  • Silicone or plastic mold
  • Citric acid or sugar for sprinkling


  1. Put the pan on the fire and pour half a cup of water into it, pour out 2 tsp. Gelatin and one serving (85 g) of a mixture for jelly. Stir on low heat until gelatin dissolves.
  2. After this, pour the mass into a container, from which it will be convenient for you to pour gelatin into molds.
  3. Now gently pour the jelly into the molds. One after another. Then put the form in the freezer for 15-20 minutes.
  4. After you get the teddy bears from the molds, you can sprinkle them with citric acid or sugar.

See Detailed instruction On the preparation of jelly bears!

I tried them several times. The result is amazing! My children were happy when I cooked them their favorite sweets, and even in such quantity!