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Cookie cake

Cook cake at home - a real feat. Approaching the end of this tedious process, the hostess is not so happy with the sweet, because the cake is making so much effort ... therefore spoiling loved ones with domestic delicacies is not obtained as often as we would like. It's good that there are recipes with which you can cook a fantastically delicious cake very quickly!

This recipe is suitable for all sweet tooth who love useful sweets and appreciate their time. In just 20 minutes you will receive Perfect cake With a delicate taste. You will not feel that you were preparing this delicacy half a lifetime. Try, you will not regret.

Cake from cookies


  • 250 grams of biscuits (better - sweet, without flavors)
  • 100 g of butter
  • 400 g of "nutella"
  • 500 g of Philadelphia cheese


  1. Mix the butter and a tablespoon of "nutella". Put the mixture in a microwave, the mass must be well melted.
    Cake from cookies
  2. Slightly moisten the biscuits with water and crush it well. Fill the biscuits with a mixture of "nutella" and butter, put in the refrigerator.
    Cake from cookies
  3. Mix the rest of the "nutella" and the "Philadelphia" cheese with a mixer. Also refrigerate the resulting mixture.
    Cake from cookies
  4. Get the base of the cookie cake out of the refrigerator. Well level it using a glass. It is important to choose a convenient dish for this cake, so that it turned out to be at its best.
    Cake from cookies
  5. Lay out on top of the base of the cookies a lot of cheese and "nutella". Make the cake smooth from above, carefully spreading the mixture. Leave it for a couple of minutes, the cake must soak.
    Cake from cookies
  6. Wonder-delicacy is ready! This is a cake that has not met with the oven. Looks wonderful, and the taste turns out to be extraordinary, because the combination of soft cheese and rich chocolate taste is amazing ...
    Cake from cookies

This cake will help you out if the guests decide to report without warning. You can make this Unusual dessert With a child, he just like it - it's quite easy! Share with your friends this wonderful recipe for a delicious cake that does not need baking.