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Drinks from fruits and herbs

It has long been known that the best drink for a healthy life is Plain water. Juices, soda and a variety of cocktailsAlmost always contain too much sugar, and other substances harmful to the body there are found in completely redundant quantities. Besides all this charm costs decent money. How to be? Drink only water? So in fact you will wake up in a short time from melancholy ... perhaps, the best way out of this situation will be presented in this article drinks!

The basis for each of them is the same water, so for some taste kaleidoscope or tart sweetness should not be counted. However refreshing, Subtle aroma and flavor Will already be worth it. In addition, these drinks are prepared very, very simply. Mixers, blenders and other kitchen machines you do not need at all - enough and a couple of cans to the drink could safely stand in the refrigerator.

Fruit drinks

You will need

  • water
  • Any fruit except bananas
  • Herbs
  • Jars or jugs with lids
  • Strainer
  • Wooden crush for mashing fruits and, optionally, herbs



The following recipes serve mainly as landmarks,Samples and the basis for further experiments in search of your personal favorite taste. Keep in mind - the number of ingredients in them is indicated based on 2 liters of water.

  1. Water with citrus
    <Img alt = "water with citrus fruits

    Take one orange, lemon and lime,Cut them into circles, and circles, in turn, cut in half. You put the fruit in a jar and mash into a jug until they give juice. Do not overdo it - you do not need to crush them. The remaining space in the can is filled with ice. Fill the water to the brim. Gently mix everything with the handle of a cricket or spoon. Close the lid, put in the refrigerator. Voila!

    Before drinking, let the water brew at least2-3 hours, and preferably a day. Ice will serve as an improvised sieve - a day later it will not completely melt and will not let the fruit into the glass. Tart sour will let you know that the drink is cooked correctly.

  2. Water with lime and raspberries
    Water with lime and raspberries

    Cut two limes with quarters, squeeze out the juiceIn the jar, throw there the remains of limes. Over the top, add raspberries. Fruit the fruit before the juice, as in the previous recipe, fill the jar with ice, share the water, put in the refrigerator. Water will get a beautiful color and pleasant astringency.

  3. Water with pineapple and mint
    Water with pineapple and mint

    First of all throw a sprig of mint into the jar. You can pre-cut the leaves from it and throw them separately, and you can leave it as it is. Slightly mash the spoon with mint - as in previous recipes, you do not need to crush it into mush, knead until you feel its smell. Add a few pieces of pineapple, remember them to let the juice. Further - ice, water, refrigerator. The result will please with a light sweetness with a mint flavor.

  4. Water with sage and blackberries
    Water with sage and blackberries

    First the sage leaves for the bank. Razumni it until you feel the fragrance. Further - blackberry. Crush it to juice. Ice, water, refrigerator. Do you catch the pattern? The taste of this water will be very delicate and refreshing.

  5. Water with rosemary and watermelon
    Water with rosemary and watermelon

    First thing - rosemary. In the bank of it, but you need to crush gently and apply even less effort than before. Followed by a watermelon. Stretch to juice. what's next? Correctly - ice, water, refrigerator.

As you see, the method of preparing all theseDrinks is very simple, and allows for an infinite number of combinations. You can experiment for months, adding and reducing the amount of fruits and herbs, mixing them in different proportions, but invariably enjoying every new taste.

It is also acceptable to add honey and even sugar if any of the drinks seem too tasteless. In short, the vastness of creativity. As for me, it's wonderful! Share these drinks with friends - both literally and figuratively, giving them a link to the article.