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The benefits of a glass of wine a day

On the Internet you can find very different opinions onThe benefits or harm of the same food. For example, today they think that chocolate can prolong life, and tomorrow they will decide that it will kill you. But if the conversation is about red wine, most people agree that this Noble drink Brings the human body only benefit, of course, if you use it in moderation.

The latest research shows that the daily use of a glass of red wine will help you save Healthy brain And reason for 7.5 years longer.

Diet mind

glass of wine

Researchers from the medical center of the University of Rush in the United States developed a diet called Mind. This is a hybrid of the Mediterranean diet and the dash diet, which helps to maintain cognitive function.

This diet consists of a large amount of wholemeal food, greens, vegetables, beans, nuts, chicken, fish and a glass of red wine every day.

Scientists tested this diet for 960 adults at the age of about 80 for five years and received a stunning result: those people who adhered to the diet in a very strict manner, Brain activity Decreased much more slowly than those who allowed themselves to violate this diet.

And although it is difficult to confidently assert that daily consumption of wine will help you longer Preserve brain health, We can say that this is definitely not harmful. The main thing is not to overdo it.