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Sandwiches from different countries

Now you can cook a whole month for sandwiches on a new recipe - here are as many as 33 varieties of wonderful Snack, From which you will be delighted! Incredibly mouth-watering and very simple variations of all favorite dishes from around the world.

find out, How to prepare sandwiches In different parts of the world! Do not limit yourself to a regular bun with cheese and sausage ...

Sandwiches from around the world

  1. Vietnam
    Bahs - This is the name of the Vietnamese sandwich madeFrom the baguette. This is traditional street food. Crispy bread from rice flour, tender roast pork, sweet but sharp carrots, cucumbers, daikon, coriander and coriander are the ingredients of the Vietnamese delicacy.
  2. Bahs

  3. Turkey
    Doner kebab Tried everything. The mandatory ingredient of this lamb sandwich. Vegetables and sauces can be varied.
  4. Doner kebab

  5. Mexico
    Kemite - so beautifully called a Mexican sandwich. To make it, you must have avocado and white cheese. The bun is not quite ordinary - even a sandwich and not sweet, it's made from a sweet dough.
  6. Kemite

  7. Colombia
    Arrival - dense corn bread with toasted sausage and spicy sauce.
  8. Detente

  9. Japan
    Japanese sandwich - Katsu-sando - cooked from white bread, fried meat, mayonnaise and mustard.
  10. Katsu-sando

  11. Canada
    The secret of the unforgettable taste of this sandwich is in the combination of rye bread and smoked meat. Must also sour cucumber!
  12. Sandwich from canada

  13. India
    Vada pav - a bun with potato cutlets. Solid carbohydrates! But this sandwich is a vegetarian, very satisfying and unusual.
  14. Wada pav

  15. Australia
    Thick dark brown pasteYeast extract - a national dish of Australia. It tastes salty, bitterish, and resembles a peanut paste. Sandwiches with this paste Australians love.
  16. Wedge-master

  17. Cuba
    Media - night "sandwich". That's how hunger is satisfied at night on the cube: a well-toasted bun with meat, cheese, cucumbers and mustard ... now I know what's in common with the cube!
  18. Mediannos

  19. Chile
    Chakarera - a sandwich, which is called just like a clockwork dance. Meat, tomatoes, cooked beans, greens, a round bun - it's quite easy to cook this dish.
  20. Chacarer

  21. Venezuela
    Corn bread, bananas, meat, cheese and avocado - an unusual combination of products. I wonder how delicious this is ...
  22. A sandwich from Venezuela

  23. China
    Donqburger - meat of a donkey on an oblong bread, with crispy vegetables. So snack the Chinese.
  24. Dankingburger

  25. Portugal
    A fragrant sandwich with melted cheese, tomato paste and meat - francesina.
  26. Francesina

  27. Denmark
    Smerrebrod - ordinary rye bread with butter. On top of the butter you can safely lay out fish, shrimp, meat, cheese, boiled egg and tomatoes.
  28. Smerrebred

  29. Germany
    A lot of bread, a thick piece of meat and a little bit of mustard - a hot German sandwich is ready.
  30. German sandwich

  31. France
    Jambon ber can be cooked in your kitchen - you need baguette, butter, cheese, ham and cucumber.
    Jambore ber

  32. South Africa
    A huge sandwich with potatoes, salad, meat and vegetables - a South African gatsby. It's not just a snack, but a full meal!
  33. Gatsby

  34. Netherlands
    Bruji croquettes - long, fried to the crunch of nuggets. Must be seasoned with soy sauce.
  35. Bruji croquettes

  36. Poland
    In polish make a casserole from a loaf instead of a usual sandwich. Fillings are fried with onion and cheese mushrooms, and mincemeat is suitable. A ready sandwich is sprinkled with chives.
  37. A sandwich from Poland

  38. Finland
    A piece of boiled sausage between two slices of bread with mustard, ketchup, onions and cucumbers - Finnish porilainen. Simple, but so delicious!
  39. Porilineer

  40. Argentina
    Crispy bun with sausage chorizo ​​and chimichurri sauce. As an addition to the sandwich is served an egg.
  41. Argentinian sandwich

  42. Puerto Rico
    As many as three kinds of meat are part of this sandwich: fried beef, pork and chicken. Banana, rukkolla, lettuce and onions guarantee a perfect taste.
  43. Sandwich from Puerto Rico

  44. Spain
    In Spain, too, respect baguettes with meat or fish, tomatoes, as an option - with the egg.
  45. Spanish sandwich

  46. Malaysia
    Omelette with bread and meat - such a sandwich is cooked in Malaysia.
  47. A sandwich from Malaysia

  48. Serbia
    Pleskavitsa - a round bun with a meat chop. Except for hot sauce, cream is always included in the bun. Original!
  49. Splatter

  50. Belgium
    Fried potatoes, meat, mayonnaise - that's a sandwich! Mitrayet - so called this delicious, but not very useful Belgian snack.
  51. Miterayet

  52. Singapore
    But here is a sweet sandwich! Kaya-toast. The coconut pulp, rubbed with yolks and sugar, - a sweet for delicacies. From such a breakfast I would not have refused ...
  53. Kaya-toast

  54. Macao
    Pork chop and bun - why complicate, if tasty and so?
  55. Sandwich from macad

  56. Italy
    Panini is made from traditional Italian bread, ham and cheese. Italian herbs make such a sandwich special.
  57. Panini

  58. Austria
    Bosner is a famous Austrian sandwich. Toasted sausage with curry, pepper and onions - insanely delicious!
  59. Bosner

  60. Brazil
    Bauru - a Brazilian sandwich. Fried beef, tomatoes and melted cheese - the secret of delicious taste.
  61. Baur

  62. Ukraine
    Black bread with bacon, onion or garlic and salt. This taste you will never forget!
  63. Sandwich from ukraine

  64. Russia
    Bun, butter, red caviar. Of course, this sandwich is a guest of a festive table, a classic Russian snack can be considered bread with sausage. The mere memory of a sandwich with caviar creates a festive mood ...
  65. Sandwich from russia

In each country - their own tastes. You can see that Combination of bread and meat - the most common, in different versions, such a sandwich is present in any kitchen in the world. There is no simpler and more convenient dish than a sandwich.

If you The appetite was played out After reading this article, do not hold back and rush into the kitchen! And show necessarily to your friends this yummy.