/ Baked Egg in Potatoes

Baked egg in potatoes

You can not imagine life without hikes, but you are already fed up with the usual food that you can take with you? Then I have one wonderful recipe for you.

Next time, going Relax in nature, Take potatoes and a few eggs. You will be completely ecstatic about what you will get.

Baked egg in a potato

You will need

  • potatoes
  • egg
  • A few matches


  1. Cut off the top of the potato and scrape the middle with a spoon, then break the egg inside the potato and cut it with a "lid".
  2. Then pierce it with matches that you will use as pens.
  3. After that you can put the potatoes in hot coals.
  4. After 20 minutes a delicious breakfast will be ready.

This recipe can be used not only In a hike, You can also bake such a potato with egg in foil in your oven. So you can also eat potatoes. Just do not forget to salt it. And also this dish will be perfectly combined with Toasted bacon.