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Ideas for a children's holiday

Birthday of the child - holiday of the year! All parents want to please a little birthday boy and enthrall his guests, adults try harder than ever.

Alas, often on children's holidays the numberSweet passes all the permissible boundaries, children overeat with harmful sugar and badly themselves then feel. Chocolate, cake, sweets ... for a child's liver is an unbearable burden! So that the holiday was a success and was bright, it is not necessary to bet on traditional sweets.

You can make an unusually lovely Desserts from fruit, Which not only will children like to taste, but also amuse them for glory!

Dishes for children's holiday

  1. Shark from watermelon
    To make such a shark from a watermelon, you will need a little patience and a sharp knife. You need to get the flesh with a spoon. The originally decorated watermelon will conquer all the participants of the celebration!
  2. Shark from watermelon

  3. Sandwich-owl
    This is not a dessert at all, but a full-fledged dish that children will like. Boil eggs, cook pate from them, be sure to use greens in the recipe.

    Make a dish in the form of an owl, a good idea - to make a sandwich. From olives it is possible to make eyes, for wings to use leaves of mint, a beak to make of carrots.

  4. Owl sandwich

  5. Frogs from apples
    Frogs from apples and grapes - a wonderful treat! Make eyes of marshmallows. Children clearly want to break all the rules and play with food.
  6. Frogs from apples

  7. Mouse eggs
    How nice it is! These mouse eggs are made incredibly easy, but they look wonderful. Use garden radish and herbs for decoration. Such a composition will not leave anyone indifferent.
  8. Mouse eggs

  9. Crocodile from cucumber
    Danger: a real crocodile on the table. The reptile is easy to make from an ordinary cucumber. Snacks on skewers should match the tastes of the birthday man, the ingredients can be very different - sausages, cheese, tomatoes, grapes, olives ... very tasty, comfortable and original.
  10. Crocodile from cucumber

These bright Ideas for decoration of a festive table Can be used not only as a child entertainment. Adults will also appreciate the diligence of the hostess and rejoice at the sight of such snacks!

Remember these simple, but extremely spectacular appetizers, when you will think about the menu of the next holiday. Let the culinary inspiration never leave you!