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Omelette in forms for cupcakes

What you need to do Great omelette? Just a few eggs, cheese, meat and a couple moreOther ingredients. But how at a time to make so many omelets to feed the whole family with breakfast? The answer is elementary - you need to use molds for cupcakes.

This recipe is so simple that even children can cook an omelette and it will be very interesting for them to make it in this way.

Omelette in forms for cupcakes

So, take a sufficient quantity of eggs, milk,Cheese, meat, onions and other ingredients for your taste. Chop the meat and onions and fry them a little. Then evenly distributed on the molds for the cupcakes and the hall beforehand Whipped eggs with milk. Then put the molds in the oven and bake until ready.

See the detailed recipe in this video!

It's worth you just to cook this breakfast, And it will be your favorite! Now you will not be puzzled by the problem of how to feed a large family. Enjoy your appetite!