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5 products for body cleansing

Today it is fashionable to be healthy and one of the mandatory conditions for maintaining health is the cleansing of the body of toxins and toxins.

In modern conditions it is very important to do this,Because the food we eat contains a lot of harmful substances, with the cleansing of which the body alone can not cope. People often go too far, trying to Get rid of toxins, Because of what they can even get to the hospital.

Few people know, but there are quite a few affordable products that purify the body no worse than any medication.

Products for body cleansing

  1. Red beetroot
    It includes fiber, copper, phosphorus,Vitamin c and a number of useful acids that improve digestion and kill putrefactive bacteria in the intestines. And the lipotropic substance "betaine", which causes the liver to get rid of toxins better.

    Beetroot not only helps you to cleanse your body, it also contributes to Rejuvenation of the body Due to folic acid and quartz.

    How to use: Boiled, in borsch, as a salad or in the form of juice.


  2. onion
    One of the most important components of onions arePhytoncides, which are stored in essential oils. They quickly kill most bacteria and fungi. In addition, onions help to improve digestion and absorption of nutrients, and appetite.

    How to use: Fresh, in a salad or as a tincture on alcohol and a cosmetic mask (from acne and blackheads).


  3. garlic
    Only one clove of garlic contains more400 useful components that purify the vessels, reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood and kill the cause of brain cancer - the cells of a multiform glioblastoma.

    Also substances that are part of garlic, destroy the cause of stomach ulcers - Helicobacter, Kill worms, diphtheria and tubercle bacillus.

    How to use: It is best fresh or in a crushed form.


  4. White cabbage
    Thanks to the dietary fibers that make up its composition, this vegetable binds heavy metals and toxins and easily removes them from the body.

    Also in its composition are organic acids,Which have a positive effect on digestion and stabilize the microflora. And a rare vitamin u "kills" dangerous substances and takes part in the synthesis of vitamins and even heals ulcers.

    How to use: Can be fresh or sour, or even in the form of juice.


  5. Apples
    This fruit stabilizes the work of the wholeDigestive system, thanks to pectin and fiber, which "binds" slags and toxins. Apples improve appetite, help the production of gastric juice, relieve constipation, destroy the causative agents of influenza A, dysentery, Staphylococcus aureus.

    How to use: In a fresh form with a skin, in the form of juice and grated "kashitsy", in the form of compote.


These five products will not harm your health, so if you want to rid your body of toxins and toxins, then use only these vegetables and fruits. Keep away from drugs and other chemicals.